He’s coming home, he’s coming home……

18 03 2010

Mr C is due back from his trip this evening. I have managed to clean the house, get Piran to bed, prepare bottles for tomorrow and do the dishes so I am all set to enjoy a lovely long weekend with my wonderful man and boy. Except Saturday when I am taking a good friend to London to visit the Queen go for lunch and see Legally Blonde.

However, the swollen tonsil is getting worse and I am afraid that the sore throat is a bad omen. I have survived this week and so I shall be rewarded by sickness I am sure. So I am going to try and head it off and stop it in its tracks with liberal application of hot water bottles, medicine and bed. Just as soon as Mr C walks through that door!

So, just quickly, have you entered my giveaway yet? You have until tomorrow lunchtime, after that all names will be put into a suitable hat shaped receptacle and the draw will take place. Will do the announcing soon afterward.

Also, Sandy has pulled off the most amazing blogging carnival I have ever seen (with babies that are ill at the same time no less). I am getting a bit nervous about May now when I am due to hold it. There are a lot of entries.

Enjoy your evenings. I am off to drink tea and think happy, healthy positive thoughts.




6 responses

18 03 2010

Hope you feel better soon. My hubby has been away all week and it's hard work. I hope he gets back tonight too. Have a lovely weekend. x

18 03 2010

I would get some ecanacia and try and head it off at the path, also try gargling with TCP. Maxi has a temp of 39.0 tonight, he came up to me and said "I fear you have passed on your feever mummy"Enjoy you weekend

18 03 2010
Sandy Calico

I hope he did get home and you're feeling better.Thanks for the carnival mention too x

19 03 2010
Muddling Along Mummy

Keeping fingers and toes crossed you fight this offHave you tried echinachea ? Zinc ? vit C ?

19 03 2010

I saw the Legally Blonde musical a couple of weeks ago and it's just BRILLIANT! I haven't been able to stop listening to the soundtrack since.

20 03 2010
bad penny

Poor you I hope you are better soon – will hubby be able to take charge ? so you can have some rest ? With the best intentiond mine always makes more noise it seems when I'm ill !When he came home from abroad, I couldn't stop sneezing ! He didn't like the idea that was allergic to him !I think it was the smell of the boats he skippered, after I washed his clothes, I was ok !Take care xx

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