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14 03 2010

Today started off well, Piran gave me a lovely card and a beautiful silver bead for my Trollbeads bracelet which has a P and a heart on it as a present. But then all too soon Mr C was packing and showering and getting ready to leave for Germany. He did cook us a lovely breakfast, had a nice cuddle with Piran and then disappeared off, leaving us in our pyjamas missing him already.

I started moping around but then I gave myself a good verbal kicking. I am lucky to be a mum. I am lucky that I have a husband who loves me and looks after me and our son. I have a friend who has a baby six months older than Piran whose husband died suddenly when their baby was three months old. We are all healthy and happy. I have no right to mope or complain. So I changed the sheets on the bed ready for me to enjoy this evening and made a little list of all the good things about Mr C being away for five days:

  • Less washing up
  • I can sleep starfish style in the middle of the bed
  • Less tidying up
  • I can watch what I want on TV
  • I can spend every evening on the internet and not feel guilty
  • No one will know if I don’t do the dishes
  • I can go to bed as early or late as I like
  • There will be no snoring
  • If Piran is up in the night we can watch TV in bed
  • I will not get annoyed when things are not where they belong
  • I can eat as much chocolate as I want
  • No smelly farts
  • No waiting for my turn to brush my teeth
  • No strange half conversations
  • I can tweet to my heart’s content

Now, don’t get me wrong I will miss him like crazy. I hate sleeping without him. Piran’s bedtime is so much nicer when we do it as a team. I may end up talking to myself like some crazy old lady. Talking to him on the phone will make me miss him even more. But, he is staying in a fancy hotel with room service, breakfasts, beer and no baby to wake him in the middle of the night so I don’t feel guilty about that list. I know that he will miss us too so we will all be very pleased when he is home late on Thursday night.

Once I had my positive mental attitude in place I got Piran and I dressed and we took a mosey on round to the inlaws for lunch, which was nice and meant less cooking and washing up for me today which was good.

I remember the first time I went to meet Mr C’s parents, I was very scared. He had been the whole way to Cornwall and met mine already but I had not yet gone the 10 miles to meet his. We went for lunch and dinner, and bizarrely we popped to Tesco and did our food shopping in the middle, very strange. I was rather scared of his Mum, and kept joking that I would curtsy and call her Mrs C. It was fine, and now I am happy to go round all by myself, they only live round the corner and I see her quite a bit during the week. She is a lovely woman, and I know that I am very lucky, although I hope I never get on her bad side! It became apparent quite how lucky I am when I took Piran home to stay with my Mum and she asked me why I was doing every little thing with Piran and would try and get me to change his routine, let him stay up later, a million little things. It made me realise that Mrs C had never criticised or questioned anything to do with the way that we are looking after and bringing up Piran. I am very grateful for that fact, that she is so supportive. I know I am a very lucky person.

I am always a little sad on Mother’s Day when I am here and not with my Mum. My brother is a boy and therefore quite useless at all this stuff. I want to be in Cornwall. I would have taken Piran to church with Mum and we would have collected the daffodils they hand out for mums and given her hers. I phoned this morning to tell her I would miss that. I know when you become a mum yourself the day becomes about you too but I still want to be around to spoil her. I made up for it though, as I won a wonderful prize from Bringing Up Charlie of a Gluttonous Gardener Rose-Box which my mum thought was fabulous, although she is a little flummoxed as to what she should do with the rose water.

I thought about writing a post about my mum, but she does not know about this blog, and she is also a little unsure of the internet I think. I don’t know how she would feel about me writing about her too much here, and it would feel odd writing a post to her, about her that she would never read. She is coming to visit in April, and I think that I might show her my little part of the internet when she is here. I think this is something that needs to be explained and demonstrated face to face. I do not think her introduction to the fact that I write about my feelings and that strangers read it and comment on it should be done via a link in an email, and trying to explain on the telephone will make my head explode. Seriously. So, I will just say that my mum is amazing. Strong, loyal, slightly odd, loved by many. She brings light and joy into my life. If someone tells me that I get more and more like my mum the older I get I feel honored. I want to be like her. She is my hero.

Finally, earlier today with the help of my glamorous assistant Piran I drew five names out of the bowl to win a copy of Motherhood on DVD.

I have sent a direct message to each of the winners on Twitter, but if you see this first please drop me a line with your address and I will arrange for the DVD to be sent to you. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Update: Bumbling Along had already won a copy elsewhere so I got Piran to pick a new name and it was Potential Mummy B.




5 responses

14 03 2010
Magic Mummy

I think your mum would be very proud of your blog – it's brilliant. I haven't told anyone outside of my family that I blog, I'm not sure why but I've just kept it to myself šŸ˜‰ Happy Mother's Day x x

14 03 2010

I am sure your mum will love reading your blog. I hope you dont miss Mr C too much. Enjoy your starfish sleeping while you can.

15 03 2010
bad penny

what a wonderful husband used to be away for weeks or months – it was an awful strain on me but he has been locally based for years now with an occassional trip & I am ok as the children are older.Many bloggers keep their blog secret – I have told my mum but it's difficult to explain why I blog as sometimes I question that myself !I giggled when you said you sept like a starfish when you have the bed to yourself !!!Thanks for popping over … Ernest is here : this week !I love your Blog background – it's the prettiest I've seen xx

15 03 2010

Positiveness is great, which I could find some, as I am full of tears at the moment, feeling rather sorry for myself – virtego possibly. Rose water – great for cakes!

17 03 2010
Laura McIntyre

Happy belated mothers day to you , the first one is always super special. Hope you survived the solo parenting , my hubby is going away to France to work soon and im dreading it (from April – end of August).Everyone knows about my blog , family and friends and im fine with it because it really is a diary of my kids life for them when older. i do think often of doing another blog where i could be myself

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