The Gallery: Five

10 03 2010

I am cheating a little this week in my submission for The Gallery. I have two photos.

From the top of Trencrom Hill in Cornwall you have the perfect view of Cornwall’s thinnest point – just a mere five miles wide. On one side you have Penzance – that bump in the sea is St Micheal’s Mount.

On your other side youhave views towards Hayle (the big beach you can see) and St Ives (hiding down below on the left. The little white dot is Godrevy Lighthouse.

These are not brilliant photos but this is one of my favourite spots and I wanted to share. The views in other directions are fabulous too, but I just love that you can see both coasts from this one spot.




12 responses

10 03 2010
Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

Cornwall is gorgeous. I'm feeling all homesick now. x

10 03 2010

I would love the views too, I could never tire of looking at the sea. It fascinates me. Great photos. :0)

10 03 2010

I've not had the pleasure of visiting Cornwall – why? oh WHY is this? It looks simply stunning.

10 03 2010

Cornwall is stunning, it's far too long since I've been. I like the pictures you chose, nothing too obvious.

10 03 2010

Lovely pictures, and that gorgeous sunshine makes me so look forward to summer x

10 03 2010

what beautiful views! wow.

10 03 2010

I've been there, I've been there and I loved it. It will probably be a while before we get ot go ack there again but I'm already looking forward to it.Lovely photos!

10 03 2010
make do mum

So pretty, I love Cornwall – shame it's so far away from me!

10 03 2010

What beautiful views!

10 03 2010
Jo Beaufoix

Cornwall is so beautiful. I visited both those places as a child but have no memory of them really so it's lovely to see. Makes me think I must take my own two monkeys there.

10 03 2010

Ah, I love that part of the world. My Dad's family used to live in Gulval so the views are very familiar to me. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

10 03 2010
Magic Mummy

I can see why that's your favourite place x

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