How to make Piran laugh

6 03 2010

This is our entry to the first ever Just Vlog It challenge.

I am incredibly thankful that Piran is quite so cute, as that distracts from me! Happy weekend everyone.




13 responses

6 03 2010

i love him he is sooooooo huggsly you are a lovely beautiful mummy and i will watch that over and over i smiled the whole way through .

6 03 2010
Magic Mummy

That was fantastic, I just watched it with my two and they are still talking about it now….They liked the tummy kisses best and have some helpful suggestions for next time lol….

6 03 2010
Noble Savage

So cute! It's fun figuring out what makes babies laugh.

6 03 2010
Sarah C

cute, cute, cute. He reminds me of my little one. You just want to hug him. You have captured one of the most precious moments in motherhood.

6 03 2010

He's absolutely gorgeous! Nothing quite like the sound of a baby's laugh.

6 03 2010

So wonderful! I smiled all the way through this!!

7 03 2010
Karin @ Cafe Bebe

Absolutely delightful! 😉 Love it Kelly…well done to you both! ;)Karin

7 03 2010

oh wonderful! how gorgeous Piran and you both are!

7 03 2010
make do mum

Love it! Noisy tummy kisses usually do the trick!

7 03 2010
Sandy Calico

Aw, I want a cuddle! 🙂

9 03 2010

That is just too cute xx

16 03 2010
Young Mummy

What a cutie! Don't know about you, but mine seem to shut up the second they see the camera?! Tummy kisses make my little boy laugh too. x

22 03 2010

I haven't found a kid yet that won't laugh with tummy kisses. How fun!You must have some tough hair!

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