Young At Heart Photo Album

2 03 2010
I chose this picture as a lesson for everyone. Be kind to your children and give them decent haircuts. Did you ever think that one person could have that much fringe? I call this look the ‘Baked Bean’ and I sported it for the first few years of my life. Thanks to Mum @ The Mad House for the tag.

I think that I am about 4 in this picture and which would make it sometime in 1982. I am sat astride my beloved orange plastic rabbit ride on in the front room of our terraced house in Penzance. Check out that carpet and highchair. I have obviously been so very hard at work as I am wearing my Noah’s Ark apron (or Pinny as I think it was called).

Memories associated to this time are quite odd to me. I am fairly certain that I have not yet started school, and my Mum and Dad were still together. They have been with their new partners for so long now that memories that have with them together are somehow alien to me.

I had a new brother, I think he must be about 18 months old at this time. As I remember it, the only thing that I thought was good about having a brother was having someone to blame all the mischief on. I remember one occasion; I got up one morning, took a chair into the dining room and switched the tea leaves and coffee over to try and trick my parents. Obviously, they did not fall for that one, as the two things are quite different, but they did not realise I had done the same to the salt and sugar. So Dad had salty tea and I tried to blame the whole shebang on my brother who couldn’t even walk at the time!

Enough about me, it is time to share with you the next person in the chain. Any idea who this lovely lady on the back of a Llama in Warsaw Zoo is? She too has a good fringe, and you may have seen an appearance from it on her blog before. I can’t believe she is smiling so much, I would be scared silly. I must say I have never seen anyone on the back of a Llama before! What other clues can I give to her identity? She likes to take photographs, has a daughter the same age as Piran, and calls herself a bargain hunter extraordinaire!

She will be posting her Young at Heart photo and story soon, and revealing another blogger for the photo album.

Have a guess and then click to see who it is…

NOTE: Make sure you include the name ‘Young at Heart Photo Album’ in your title and post so your entry is easy to find in Google. The originator of the meme, Tara, will be looking out for you…




3 responses

2 03 2010

I think you look extra cute. I have a photo on me with pudding basin hair just a few years older than you through. It must have been an 80's trend

2 03 2010
make do mum

I am loving your hair, so cute! I used to blame stuff on my brother too – isn't that what little brothers are for? The rabbit ride sounds great – no wonder you loved it.

2 03 2010
Tara@Sticky Fingers

Lovely, just lovely. I have a picture of myself at the age of about 6 with a dodgy haircut and often bring it out just so I can say 'how could you mum? How could you?!!

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