The most disgusting thing I have ever done…

16 02 2010

…is eat a live snail*, shell and all, for a dare when I was 7 years old.


This post is not as random as it seems, it is an entry in a little competition over at Notes from Lapland.  

*one snail was harmed in the making of this post. Sorry about that.




9 responses

16 02 2010
George's Mum

that just made me gag.. Thanks for that. eeeuuurgh!

16 02 2010
littledude's mummy

OMG Kelly, I am never going to be able to looka t you in the same way again!!Even the SHELL?!?! BLEURGH!

16 02 2010


16 02 2010
Bec (

You fecking DID NOT???? (gags)

16 02 2010


17 02 2010
make do mum

Ughhh! I've eaten a cooked one and that was bad enough. You definitely deserve the prize!

17 02 2010


18 02 2010

eewwwww! Thats so horrible.

19 02 2010

Yukity yuk yuk. Crunch shell, slimy foot. Bleurgh. Thanks for the tag by the way!

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