Surreal Mummy Moments

12 02 2010

Well, I have been thinking about this post for days and try as I might I cannot come up with ten surreal mummy moments, having only been a mum for a short time! So I give you my top six instead. Hope I can be forgiven.

1. Laying in the bath towards the end of my pregnancy watching my entire belly shift and move. I never got bored of watching, I would be mesmerised for hours!

2. During labour, there were a couple times that I overdosed on the gas and air and I have vague memories of tripping out slightly, with very odd daydreams / thoughts – one including Alice in Wonderland when my waters were being broken and another about the Seven Dwarfs while having the epidural put in.

3. When I got to the pushing part I would completely zone out between contractions and almost go to sleep, then ‘come round’ as the next one started. Each time I would see Mr C and the nurses just stood around waiting, all sort of quiet and staring into space. It was very odd.

4. Sleep deprivation is just surreal from start to end but my favourite memory is lying in bed talking to Mr C. he asked me how you spell Sheila and I answered “4” (I was actually answering a question that I had asked five minutes previously!)

5. The first explosive poo. I remember standing there, seeing poo all over his clothes and the changing table and just staring at him for about a minute until I came up with the plan of what to do! I just didn’t know where to start.

6. Being out in the car without him. It is odd because he is in the backseat facing backwards so I cannot actually see him when he is there. When he isn’t I still feel like he is.

So, there you go. I am sure that there will easily be more over the next few months!




7 responses

12 02 2010

fab post, thanks for sharing and taking part in the carnival :)I also completely zonked out between contractions in the final stages..weird isn't it. Pain must have just been too much 🙂

12 02 2010

I think just being a mum is surreal in itself. I never had gas and air it made me sick!!

12 02 2010

I used to love watching my belly move. It's probably the most surreal thing I have every experienced!

13 02 2010
make do mum

I read that nodding my head in agreement! I found most of my pregnancy, labour and those first few weeks surreal!

13 02 2010

I agree with the weird feeling of not having them in the car… it's a strange one!I've nominated you for a sunshine award over at mine… 🙂

13 02 2010
Sandy Calico

Ooh, number 6 – me too! Great list x

14 02 2010
littledude's mummy

How funny – our number one's are exactly the same!And I forgot about the first explosive poo – that horrible moment of looking at poo covered bambino thinking 'where the hell do i start?!'Great list 🙂

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