Here comes the bride

5 02 2010

Snaffles Mummy tagged me in the wedding dress meme a couple of weeks ago, I have had to wait until today before I could write this post – the reason will become clear soon!

Whenever I used to have trouble sleeping I would lie in bed an imagine what my wedding dress would be like if I ever got married. It would work like a charm and I would drift off lost in the details of the width of the skirt, the neckline, the material, the details.

When Mr C proposed I went wedding dress shopping with a friend and tried some on. It is amazing actually, I found that things I thought I wanted I didn’t like and what I thought would never suit me when on made me feel like a princess! I found some that I liked and went off to think about it all and look around.

Then my amazing friend Girlie #1 offered to make my dress. She has worked for Glynebourne and teh English National Opera making costumes and now works on films but she had never made a wedding dress before. First we went dress shopping and I tried on dresses like I was thinking of buying and she asked lots of questions about the dresses and how they were made. I have memories of her having he head stuck up my skirt looking at linings! Then she went away and sent me dress designs. They are beautiful and I have them all saved. This is one of the drafts of my final dress, before we made some final changes. I wish I was that willowy and elegant!

After fabric choices and fittings and calico pretend dresses and poor old Girlie #1 being driven mad by a dress it was finished. It was my dream dress, but the best part was that not only was it made just for me, it was made by someone who loved me and Mr C and was part of our day.

So, the dress:

The flowers on the front corsage and scattered all over the skirt were individually hand made and had wire in them so that they stood up. They were my favourite part.

It was a wonderful dress.

It had sat at the top of my wardrobe, unwashed and unloved for 15 months and every now and then I would worry about what to do. Cleaning it seemed too expensive (it was filthy and someone had spilt half a glass of rose wine down the front). It had been made for me so selling it would be difficult as it wasn’t a particular size.

So, in the end I decided to have this done:

 The bears arrived in the post today. I was so excited and I love them, and how smiley they are! The bear on the left is for Girlie #1 as a memento, and to say thank you again. The one on the right is mine, complete with the button on his paw which hooked my train up, and the four leaf clover and penguin charm (something blue) that were sewn into my petticoats.

There were made by Abby from Bubs Bears. She makes these bears as keepsakes, from wedding dresses and baby clothes too. I may have to start a little family! Abby has blogged about my Wedding Dress bears too, and there are some great pictures.

So, I know most of you will think I am crazy but I have kept all of the flowers from the dress that are not on the bears and I will store them and hopefully one day I will have a daughter and maybe she will use them in her wedding outfit if she wants. If not, I am sure I will find a use for them one day.

I tag Mellow Mummy and anyone else that is married and wants to show off their dress. Go on, we love a good frock.




15 responses

5 02 2010
make do mum

I didn't realise that your friend made your dress – she is very talented! You looked stunning and so happy.I LOVE those bears, that is an idea that I will be stealing if I ever get married!

5 02 2010

The bears are a lovely idea! I've seen another company turn kids drawings into stuffed toys and you can send material from baby clothes in order to make the soft toy.You look beautiful by the way

5 02 2010

I have been waiting to see these since you told me about them. Abby does a fantastic job. The dress was fantastic, the bears are fantastic. You are very lucky

5 02 2010
Crystal Jigsaw

Oh wow! Absolutely gorgeous. I love looking at wedding dresses, brings out the feminine in me!Love pictures.CJ xx

5 02 2010

Kelly, I've also just done a blog post about this. Feel free to grab any of the photos off there if you want to. I'm so glad you liked the bears, I was nervous all day waiting for your email!!Abbyx

6 02 2010
Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

What an amazing dress, and so lovely to have had it designed and made by such a close friend. The bears are genius too. Sweet sweet post. xps – I wanted to do this meme but realise that we haven't got any wedding photos with us in Bosnia. Gah!

6 02 2010

What a lovely thing to do with your dress (which was amazing btw.)

6 02 2010

Wow your dress is fab and I love the story behind the dress. The bears tha tyou have had made are such a great idea. Will definatley be looking at her site some more and considering either my wedding dress or some of Snaffles baby clothes. So glad I tagged you and got to hear your wedding story.

6 02 2010
Bec (

Fab post hon and beaut pics. xxx

6 02 2010

Oh, what a lovely wedding dress Kelly! And I just love what you've done with it now!

6 02 2010
More than Just a Mother

That's so beautiful! And a beautiful setting too – where did you get married? I absolutely love the bears, even though usually I'm not a fan of sentimental stuff, or of bears or keepsakes. But they really are quite lovely.

6 02 2010

Wow! Gorgeous Dress! I wish that one day I can share some memories about my amazing wedding dress … well it's something to look forward to …Again, GORGEOUS DRESS!!!

8 02 2010
Muddling Along Mummy

Those bears are a great idea !

8 02 2010

ahhhh what a stunning dress and what gorgeous bears – such a lovely idea :o)

8 02 2010
Magic Mummy

Your bears are gorgeous, I was thinking about getting one made our of mine for my birthday…. Even more so now!They are such a fantastic keepsake and something to pass down to your children.Your dress was gorgeous too 😉

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