6 months

1 02 2010

Dear Piran,

Happy half birthday my love. Six months old already, half a year. Sometimes I think that time has gone past so slowly, other times I feel like it was a blink of an eye. You are a wonderful boy, and when you came along you turned two people who were very much in love into a three person family.

My favourite time of the week is Saturday morning. Instead of getting up and getting on with everything we spend time together as a family, snuggled up in bed in the warm with cups of tea for mum and dad and milk for you. You watch cooking programmes with your dad and we are just all there together and so happy. You are always so happy and smiley in the mornings.

Actually, you are generally a very happy, smiling baby. You are sociable and fun. Your giggle is amazing and I can waste hours trying to make you laugh. I have worked out your ticklish spots and you like to be held up high in the air, and you love it when I growl on your tummy.

At the minute your favourite song is Three Little Ducks with all of the actions. We have started going to Sing and Sign classes and you seem to love them. You get so excited and wave your arms in the air and shout. It is very cute.

Every week I take you swimming. You love the water and you are learning new things every week. You are so cute when I give you the command “Ready, Go” and you take a breath before I put you under the water. This week the instructor threw you in from the side of the pool to do a bellyflop, you were not too impressed and seemed to try and swim down not up!

It is winter now, and very cold. The coldest I ever remember. This is you seeing snow for the first time. We took you out in it but you didn’t seem very impressed! I wonder what you make of it, if you realise that outside has changed.

The snow was hard for me, as it stayed around for weeks on end, and I was unable to take you for walks or go to our usual classes. We were not alone, the whole country was covered in snow and ice. We had to stay in and keep warm and make our own fun.Daddy also stayed home to work so we both got bonus cuddles!

I am keen for it to warm up out there so that we can get out and walk again. I do try but I don’t like the cold. You are so inquisitive these days that you will love to be out I am sure. Yesterday I took you for your first ‘forward facing’ buggy ride. I was a bit sad, and missed being able to talk to you.

We had your first Christmas a few weeks ago. I am afraid that I dressed you as an elf on a number of occasions, and took you all sorts of places dressed like this! You did look so cute though, and I figure you may be able to say no this time next year so I took the chance while I could.

We went to Cornwall for Christmas and you were such a good natured little fellow, despite being surrounded by lots of people, which you are not used to, and being passed from person to person for cuddles. I enjoyed opening your presents and you enjoyed playing with the wrapping paper!

There are lots of things that you can do now. You can roll over from back to front but have not yet worked out that you can turn back so you whine until I turn you back! Your first tooth is making an appearance at the bottom of your mouth (your right tooth). You can sit up unaided for a few seconds but tend to fall to one side when you realise. You happily sit on the sofa and play with your toys. You have to be strapped in to your chair and cannot be left alone (I found you face down with the chair on top of you with one foot poking out – I had a heart attack, you just giggled).

Your hair has grown back and is very cute and fluffy. You are a big boy – in the 91st percentile for weight at 20lb 9oz. You are in the 98th percentile for height at 73cm. Finding clothes that fit you is a challenge! You love to pull your socks off and stick them in your mouth. I have no idea why!

You can put food into your mouth and chomp small pieces off, I am sure you will start to swallow it in no time! Mealtimes are messy but fun and I love to watch you chatter and slap your hands on your tray enjoying making a mess. You have had your first Sunday lunch with us as a family which was a lovely moment.

Life is not always a bed of roses. You love to mix things up, once I get into a routine you always seem to change your mind and want to do something differently. It can be hard for me, which is then hard on your dad. We are at the point of being used to more sleep, so when you don’t sleep it can be very hard. I love you so much but sometimes I need a break. I am so lucky that I have your wonderful dad, who understands and always steps in.

You are constantly active, your arms and legs waving all the time. You are so independent and want to be doing something all of the time. Occasionally you will let me hold you on my lap but it never lasts long. Long gone are the days of dozing on my chest, those stolen afternoon cuddles.

That is why I offer to feed you your last bottle before bed each night. You tuck in and drink it with gusto, slowing down towards the end as the warm milk lulls you into a relaxed state. Sometime you will just lay there, other times you drift off to sleep in my arms. We are warm and comfortable and you allow me to hold you and snuggle. Those are my favourite moments of the day.

I love to watch you sleep, and thankfully you have learnt to nap during the day which has made life better for both of us. You gave up your dummies at 8 weeks old and still moan yourself to sleep, or you clutch your Miffy comfort blanket and batter yourself over the face with it! You cover your eyes and  go to sleep, or hold your hands together in front of you like you are praying.

On New Years Eve you moved from our room to your own, and I miss you in the corner of our room. We can still hear you chatter to yourself. You are very good, and will chatter in your cot if you are awake earlier than 7 when I usually come and get you, your smile making those groggy early morning moments pure magic. You grin as I pick you up and beam at your dad as we pass him on the way to the shower. Then we cuddle in my bed for an hour, you play with your remote control and I wake up. It is the best way to start each day.

This is a picture of you today, on your half birthday. It turns out you have developed the ability to fly, or at least to launch yourself towards something you want. I was trying to take a picture of you on my bed this morning and you decided to show your new ability, and unfortunately your head met the corner of my bedside table. The less said about it the better, you are perfectly fine, I am still recovering from the shock 10 hours later. So you have a plaster on your head!

I love you so much. The older you get the more I find myself welling up at some small thing or other that you have done. You are clever and your personality is shining through already. I never get tired of writing about you and talking about you. Everyone you meet falls for you and that cheeky little grin.

Mum x




8 responses

1 02 2010

ah, what a lovely post. So amazing at what they learn and what you can get up to in 6 months. Hopr you are enjoying every minute of it.

1 02 2010
Sew Scrumptious

Lovely post. He is gorgeous! Well done for surviving the first 6 months. It doesn't get any easier!! Its so much fun though as they start walking and talking. Lots to look forward to x

1 02 2010

This is a really nice post Kelly, it is wonderful to have a post like this to look back on. Maxi and mini were both morning baby's and I loved it

1 02 2010

what a beautiful post. This will be lovely to look back on in 6 months, 6 years and see the differences. Gorgeous.

1 02 2010

dabs ayes!Beautiful post. And bless him with his plaster (for effect more than neccessity- I adore it!!)

2 02 2010
miss leslieanne

you made me all teary… again!!I've been writing little letters to Dylan every few months to keep in his time capsule thingummy, but never thought to blog them.This is just beautiful – and bless him with his plaster – bet the little monster scared the bejeesus out of you! xx

2 02 2010

Lovely post Kelly. I had my granddaughter round yesterday – so I'm getting to do it all over agin…without the responsibility!!He's is a real cutie!

2 02 2010
Muddling Along Mummy

What a cutie ! Happy half birthday !

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