Brain dump

23 01 2010

Do you ever have too many posts in your head, going around bumping into each other? I seem to have that at the moment. My hands itch to write a schedule or at least a list but that feels too organised, too much like work. Problem is now I have the same problem that I have when I get overwhelmed by all of the things that I need to do, I do nothing. My brain freezes, my body stops working and I sit on the sofa and watch Gilmore Girls (I can watch that show whenever. It is like Friends, I never get bored of the repeats!)

So I decided to just start writing a post that is not one of the ones that are fighting around my head, elbowing each other out of the way, jumping up and down shouting “Pick Me! Pick Me!” like Donkey in Shrek. To just have that blank computer screen in front of me and just write. Starting to feel better already.

I have been tagged a number of times for various different memes and time is moving on and I haven’t completed them.

Aggh, look there. That short paragraph up there is one of those posts fighting their way in! GO AWAY. Today is Saturday and I want it to be all about the random!

I went to the dentist yesterday for a filling and came out minus a tooth. I am actually considering writing a thank you letter to my dentist because he was just so lovely. I was quaking in my boots about having a filling and as usual he was calm and patient with me and explained everything. Then when he drilled in (just the word drill makes me squirm) he said he had some bad news, that the tooth was too far gone and needed to come out. I started to cry and when he said not to get upset I wailed “Not upset, FRIGHTENED” he didn’t laugh but said that if I didn’t stop crying he would start crying. Anyway, I calmed down and he took it all slowly, explaining what was happening and took the tooth out with no bother at all. He even gave me a sticker for being brave. I hate going to the dentist, but he made it okay yesterday.

We started weaning this week, which is a whole post on its own. One that I will write, with pictures but I cannot believe that we are at this point, Piran is 6 months in just over a week. It is crazy, where have those months gone? He is so alert and happy and a really smiley baby and I am so lucky. Would still like some more sleep but we will get that sorted I am sure.

I start an Open University course on Writing Fiction next week. It is just a short course but I am really nervous. I guess most of that is because I am used to studying very academic subjects (is that the best way to describe it?). My last OU course was Mathematics so this is a bit of a switch. In maths I was either right or wrong, with this is isn’t so black and white, writing is all about the grey. I am sure that it will be fine, just need to get started I guess.

Last Saturday I went to a creative writing workshop. For the first 30 minutes I was quiet and scared and felt like I was unable to follw big words, that these people were speaking and I could not understand. My brain is just rusty I guess. It was lovely though and I came away feeling great, and really enjoyed adult conversation that was not just about babies!

Oh, a while ago I wrote this post on letter writing and whether it is a lost art. It prompted me to decide that I should write to my mum, and ask her to keep the letters so that I would have something as a reminder of our life as a new family in the future, I do write about Piran here but the letters are about our life and what he does and I don’t like to go on too much about him here. Anyway, that post was mentioned in this article about the best of Mummy Blogging so far this year, and I swear that it was one of the highlights of my life. I wish I could have shared it with my mum  but as she does not know about the blog I couldn’t tell her. So I think that I may show her when she stays with us next. Maybe. Anyway, she got the first letter and wrote back to say that she has decided that she is going to be my life coach from afar. She included a Daily Mail newspaper article on good rules for eating (my favourite – Eat white bread you’ll be dead). It has made me remember that she used to cut articles outof the paper and leave them on my bed when I lived at home – classics such as binge drinking is bad, how to tell if your teenager is taking drugs and other wonderful things like that which obviously immediately made me change my ways *ahem*. It is a lovely idea though and should make for good blog material.

Sorry, this is a post about nothing but I think it was what I needed to do to just unclog my brain. Feel better now, and the other posts are starting to fall into single file in my head so I am going to go now and just write down some titles. The rest will come in time.




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23 01 2010
Ang (A Mum's Survival Guide)

That wasn't a nothing post, you needed to get all those thoughts out of your head, so why not do it that way. I feel for you re the dentist. I'm taking anti biotics this week after an infection in my wisdom tooth. The pain was awful but I still didn't want to go to the dentist. I was retching almost with nerves in the waiting room, but my dentist is lovely and made me feel ok. I have to go back on Friday for two fillings though 😦

23 01 2010

Wow 6 months old already, time flies. I am sure that you are going to find food a whole new experiance. I have an irational fear of the dentist. I am very keen not to pass this on to the boys

23 01 2010

I know what you mean about having all those potential blog posts swimming about your head and not being able to get just one out. . . I feel exactly the same way right now! =)

23 01 2010

I am terrified of going to the dentist. I wish I had yours, he seems really nice. And good luck with the weaning! Meal times get exciting now!

23 01 2010

I want your mum to send me press cutting too!!!!! Can't wait to hear all about them. xx

24 01 2010

I have tagged you over at mine for the Welcome meme

24 01 2010

ah your mum sounds ace, maybe she could guest post about her articles if you do show her the blog.

24 01 2010

It isn't about nothing, it is about you and just highlights how your mind if so full of thoughts. I'm sure many of suffer from a similar issue from time to time. My brain has completely shut down and everything I begin to write just isn't working. So well done for even getting your thoughts down. Poor you for such a traumatic dental experience too…

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