The time to wean is near!

3 01 2010

I will be starting BLW in the next few weeks. Piran has just turned 5 months and I have read the book and although I am quite nervous I am looking forward to it.

However, I have just persevered over two months and managed to get Piran into a good nap and sleep schedule. I have read that it is good to give a meal 45 minutes to 1 hour after his milk feed (he is bottle fed) and that is the time that he naps!

I was wondering how others schedule the naps around the meal times. At the moment this is our rough schedule.

7am – wakes & has bottle
8.15am – 9am nap
10am – bottle
11am – 11.30am nap
1pm – bottle
2pm – 3.30pm nap
4pm – bottle
6pm – bath, bottle & bed
11pm – dream feed

He is flexible about the length of the naps but if he doesn’t get one big one he is falling asleep by 5pm. Do you need to leave time between eating & sleeping or could he eat and then go straight for a nap?

Any advice or experience shared would be wonderful. I don’t suppose it matters if you weaned the puree way or the BLW way how did you structure meal times? I have posted this question on the BLW forum too.




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4 01 2010
Sew Scrumptious

I would maybe try some food at about 12.30 before his milk when he is hungry. At first he prob wont eat much so he can just have his milk as normal and nap time won't change. As he eats more you will start dropping milk feeds anyway so he can have his milk at other times in the day. I always found the Gina Ford timings worked well for my two and you could use the timings even if you are doing BLW rather than the whole puree thing. I wish I had known more about this approach! The only thing I would say without wanting to scare you is just make sure you know what to do in case of choking. Izzy choked on a pice of carrot once and I had to do proper first aid to get it out. It was very scary but at least I knew what to do luckily. Its rare but best to be prepared.

4 01 2010
Mum with carrot in her hair

Hi Kelly I've used Gina times as well and they seem to fit in quite well with weaning. To start off with why don't you try giving Piran some food to play with after half his bottle at ten and before he goes to sleep at 11am. Little Legs has always had her lunch between 11 and 11:30 and goes down for her nap at 12 no problem. As he starts to show an interest in food you could then start to introduce breakfast with his bottle in the morning and some tea around 5pm? I used to give LL just a few ounces of her bottle and then the rest after she had had a go with some foods. Eventually you'll find he'll eat more and more and his bottle will reduce normally. Try not to worry at first how much he's eating, his milk is more important and it will come with time. There will be gagging incidents but LL is now 8 months and hasn't gagged in a nearly a month now. Good luck and keep me posted how you get on. I'm no expert but can always let you know what worked for us if you need any advice x

4 01 2010
Sandy Calico

I started both of mine on food before the 10am feed. They didn't eat much to start with and always had their milk. He'll gradually eat more and more than likely tell you when he wants to cut out bottles. After a couple of weeks you can offer food at other times of the day. The aim I suppose would be to get him eating at the same times as you so he can try what is on your plate. I wouldn't worry about how much he eats as milk is the most important part of their diets until they're one. Good luck! x

5 01 2010
make do mum

I've just started weaning K – messy isn't the word. I want to try BLW but I'll try puree until she is 6 months. Look forward to hearing how you get on!

6 01 2010
Muddling Along Mummy

I'd try around normal meal times – we basically gave Toddlergirl the option of having whatever we were when we had our meals and then she had her milk normally (fun is fun until age 1, up until then milk gives most of their nutrition)Have great fun – BLW is wonderful !

6 01 2010
Laura McIntyre

Good luck 🙂 BLW is great fun , done it with my youngest and recommend it to anyone . Having gone the puree route with my eldest it wins hands down. I would not stress to much about the when's at first. As Muddling Along Mummy says "food is for fun till they turn one" . I would just offer something when it felt natural. If he is happy, awake then offer something . When do you eat breakfast/lunch/dinner ? Try and eat at the same time as much as possible so he can "join in"Have fun and take plenty of pictures.

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