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30 12 2009

I said that I wasn’t going to blog between Christmas and New Year, but I had to write a post telling you that, then share a Wordless Wednesday and now I have been tagged and because it is so fitting for the end of the year I couldn’t resist! Besides, Mr C has gone to the pub, Piran is asleep and it is this or eating my own body-weight in chocolate.

The rules are to thank the person who tagged you, (Thank You Sandy) list your top 5 highlights from 2009 and then tag 5 more bloggers to do the same.

I would like to say at this point to everyone that tagged me an age ago for other bits, I will get round to them. It is just this one was pertinent to this time of year!

On we go with my top 5 highlights of 2009

It’s a boy!
I remember being convinced that I was having a boy and we agreed to find out at my second scan the sex of the baby. He was wriggling around like a mad thing and the ultrasound technician was having a heck of a job getting all the measurements. She asked us if we definitely wanted to know and went looking for the required ‘area’! Our little man seemingly stopped moving all together and showed off his necessary parts so we had no question that he was of the male variety! I turned to see a tear in the eye of my soppy husband. A perfect moment in time.

I bloody did it!
At first I didn’t think I would include this with the wrong being induced, the labour where I felt completely out of control and Piran being taken to SCBU a few hours after birth but then I remembered that moment when I had come round a bit and Paul had Piran and I was waiting to get sorted out when I had this amazing rush. I remember texting my friend with one sentence “I BLOODY DID IT”. God, that feeling was so intense, so pure I felt in that moment that I could have done ANYTHING.

Who’s the mummy?
I struggled in the beginning to bond with Piran I think. The difficult birth, him being ill, the shock of it all, the issues with breastfeeding. I spent weeks, months even obsessing over whether I have been a good mum, if I am just good at being organised and looking after someone or if I take that further and be a mum. Then one day I was messing about with my camera when playing with Piran. I had set it to record video and was trying to make Piran laugh. Later that evening I downloaded everything from my camera and played the bit of video back. By the end of it I was in floods of tears. I am in my dodgy pj’s, my hair is scraped back, the bags under my eyes are shocking. The love in my face and my voice just took my breath away. I was looking at a mum.

A place to share with all of you
I have been blogging for years, and I love that my blogs chart my life from a single girl living in Hove all the way through to today. But my love of all things ‘blog’ had two boosts in 2009. First I discovered Twitter, and from that blogging friends, some of which have become my real life friends. I love Twitter, trying to explain it to my mum was a challenge but in the end I described it as replacing the office banter that I miss now I am home all day. That and the advice that all the mums (and dads) out there give so freely have made staying at home a lot less lonely and isolated. That and the fact I discovered BMB my first week of maternity leave have made this blog what it is. There are too many highlights to mention but being contacted by PR people was a shock and made me feel that I had something useful to contribute. Reaching the heady heights of number 34 of the Tots 100 was a great feeling. But it is you, my friends and readers that make it all worthwhile. Thank you.

A stitch in time
The last time I tried to sew anything was a pair of culottes in secondary school that went so wrong they had to be changed into a pencil case. Finding out that I wasn’t all that bad and that I could actually make nice things for my house and my friends has ignited my imagination and creativity in a way that I didn’t know I had in me. It is nice, lovely to have a hobby, something that is mine. People loved all the presents I made them at Christmas, and it made me feel good.

Here are my five, apologies if you have been tagged already.

Look forward to hearing about your highlights.




6 responses

30 12 2009

Ooh, thanks for tagging me. Your year has some pretty good highlights, fraid I can't stretch to giving birth!

30 12 2009

Thanks for the tag 🙂 Your year has been a lot more exciting than mine but I'll have a go! Happy New Year x

30 12 2009
Coding Mamma (Tasha)

Thank you. Will do mine in the morning – too tired to walk downstairs and get the netbook!

1 01 2010
Sandy Calico

Wow, what a year! You had me in tears describing the video of you playing with Piran. Happy New Year! x

1 01 2010
The Dotterel

Fascinating!! Have a great new blogging year!

3 01 2010
Muddling Along Mummy

Yay ! What a year ! Hope that 2010 is equally good

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