Make it Monday: Mulled Cider

21 12 2009

I am sad to say that I am not actually feeling all that festive this year. I think it has a lot to do with not working, usually I would have had a Christmas Lunch and swapped cards and Secret Santa presents. We would have donned silly hats and gone for a quick Christmas drink.

This year I have decorated our front room and that is it. Piran is too small for most of the Christmas things, I am fairly sure that he really has no idea! I did make some mince pies on Friday when we got snowed in which was nice. However, we are still snowed in, our estate does not get gritted, there is thick ice outside and going out with a pushchair was a nightmare. We slipped around the corner for our Sunday lunch today. My only night out this Christmas was cancelled last night as no one could make it and our babysitters would not have been able to get home. So all in all I am not feeling Christmassy at all. Bah humbug.

That said, the smell of this would make even Scrooge feel the joys of the season, and it would certainly make me feel great (if I could get to the shop for the ingredients. Which I can’t. Okay I will shut up now!) It will warm your cockles on a snowy day that is for sure.

Mulled Cider
4 pints of still, dry farmhouse cider
3 apples – washed, cored and sliced
2 oranges, washed and sliced
Juice and zest of 1 unwaxed lemon
2 tsp ground mixed spice
8 whole cloves
2 cinnamon quills snapped in half
6 tbsp light soft brown sugar

Put all the ingredients into a pan, cover and heat gently for a minimum of 1 hour. Do not boil.

Add friends, fresh from a bracing walk out in the snow, and serve.

Still, there is still time and we are going to Cornwall in a few days for Christmas so being surrounded by family will help. Until then I will just dress Piran like this every day. That is bound to help 😉




2 responses

21 12 2009

Loving your little elf, dont worry the christmas spirit will come

21 12 2009
make do mum

First the dinosaur outfit now this! He looks a very happy chappy :)Your first family xmas together is going to be great xx

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