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29 11 2009

Oh, I am so tired. Last night was meant to be my one night of not having to get up and feed the baby and he decided that he would like two night feeds instead of just the one. Oh well, back to me being in charge as Mr C is back to work tomorrow. Reckon it is over a year since I had a whole nights sleep. Piran is 4 months old on Tuesday and I am wondering if he is starting to need a little more than just milk. Have switched to hungry milk for all feeds not just night ones and we will see. I wasn’t planning on starting weaning just yet, but if it helps him sleep at night then I will have to think about it. Did anyone else feel really reluctant to even think about starting? I know that these days they say wait until 6 months, but he weighs 18lb’s and seems quite interested when I am eating and well, if he is hungry? I think I need more advice really. Anyone have any suggestions?

Security has been breached round here. My FIL was googling Piran and he came across this post. We went round for Sunday lunch and he bought it up on the internet. I admitted that it was my site but it only seemed that he had read that post but he didn’t mention anything else. It was awkward, and I didn’t really know what to say. They know that I get things that I write reviews for, it is a bit of a thing with my MIL that I keep getting these things but they never actually ask where the reviews are published. There is nothing on here that they cannot read, although there are some personal posts that maybe tell a lot more about me than they would know. We will see if anything else happens. I would be happy for them to read it and never talk about it!

It is odd being home, I missed my house and my things and my privacy but I now miss the Grandparents who played with the baby as soon as he woke every morning and helped to amuse him between 4 and 6 in the evening when he is always hard work. It will be nice to get back to doing the things that we do each week, visiting Lovely lady and her new baby on a Monday, this week we have Little Dippers on Tuesday and Friday, baby massage on Wednesday, baby clinic on Friday and poor old Piran has his third set of jabs on Thursday. All I will want to do on Saturday is sleep but I am GOING OUT! In the evening. To London. I am excited and scared in equal measures. I may have to snooze on the train to give myself some energy!

Been reading everyone’s tweets about the BMB meet up, so sad that we couldn’t go. Mind you, we got drenched coming back from the inlaw’s 5 minutes away and it was COLD. Don’t mind rain in the summer but it was icy. Not impressed. It sounds like everyone had a great time.

Poor Piran is so restless this evening. I am wondering if it is the wind but we have had to calm him down and get him back to sleep once (this very rarely happens) and he makes noises every 20 minutes or so which means that he cannot be sleeping properly. Poor little man.

So, I hope you all had good weekends. Would love any weaning advice.




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29 11 2009
Laura C

I felt pressure to start my toddler on solids at 4 months and infact he was still sleeping through the night so I don't think he needed to be started so early. Baby girl was 6 months yest and I have just started weaning her. I'd maybe try him on the hungry milk during the night to see if that settles him back to one feed and then maybe no feeds. Does he finish his "bed time" bottle? Perhaps if he does uping that by an extra oz might help keep him going? Whenever toddler started finishing his bottles, I'd up them an oz so even if he only wanted a tiny bit more, there was still that wee bit extra if he needed it. Maybe trying the hungry milk for a week and if he isn't sleeping through then trying solids? Good luck!

29 11 2009
Josie @Sleep is for the Weak

It's a bit of a contentious subject is weaning – everyone has a slightly different view.At the end of the day you've got to trust your gut and go with the decisions your happier with, no matter what everyone else says, but here' my two pee's worth (which you are welcome to ignore).I know Piran seems really hungry, he IS really hungry – he is growing at a rate of knots (Kai went through a REALLY guzzly phase at about 4 months). But as much as it seems like he needs something else, milk is what's best for babies and lots of it. You might need to give him more milk, you might need to feed him more often, but his little tummy isn't ready to digest anything else yet, as much as it might seem otherwise. Chances are you might find it settles in a week or two, but if it doesn't then every few extra weeks you can wait gives his digestive system time to mature and make it less likely he will have digestive problems in the future, so try and hold off as long as you can. I hope things settle soon.(And Oh No! To your blog being rumbled! I hope it won't spoil your blogging 😦 )xxx

29 11 2009
Laura McIntyre

Ok this is just my say , i am not wanting to start an argument of anything.Personally i believe 4 months is way to young to even think about solids. In most cases solids never help with sleeping , they tend to be less dense and calorific and in my experience (and those of friends) can make sleeping worse.There is many important factors to consider when weaning, is the child able to sit up? Have they lost the tongue reflux ? (I tested all mines with a spoon with breastmilk on it) Babies also do need to start on purees , waiting till nearer the 6 month mark and you can go straight to the good stuff. Much more fun for baby and easier for mum ,they can eat what you eat. It is called babyled weaning . I am not to strict on the 6 month guideline as not all babies age the same but i just waited till it really felt right.First time around started at 6 months on the dot and she was not ready and have regretted it since.Interest in food ,even grabbing at it is not really a sign of wanting to wean. It is what babies do , sitting up with minimum support seems to be very important for the digestive tract .Good luck with it, i always hated weaning . Much easier before

29 11 2009
Laura McIntyre

Ugg meant so do NOT need to start on purees

29 11 2009

You need to go with your instinct, but (despite what I am about to say) I do believe that milk is all that a baby needs for a long time after 4 months.However, we weaned Moo at 4.5 months. This was because she had reflux, was refusing milk and wasn't putting on weight, so my instinct, and doctor's advice, was to start solids. We started slowly with some purees but also some appropriate BLW options. Had we waited until 6 months, who knows, we might have managed BLW, but she needed the nutrients and was refusing to take them from milk.I really wanted to wait until 6 months, but I'm glad we started early as it was clearly the right thing for Moo. She changed to a much happier baby as soon as she had solids (just as she did when I gave up trying to breastfeed… oh, how we beat ourselves up about such things!)Sometimes an increase in appetite is just a growth spurt – and a need for more milk rather than anything else – and will pass and return to normal, so I would definitely give yourself some time, particularly if you are reluctant. Piran will not suffer by not being weaned early, provided he is taking his milk, which it seems like he is.All of this is just my experience and opinion – feeding babies for some reason is incredibly contentious! But ultimately, you know best.

29 11 2009

I know nothing about weaning but as for the security breach, you could change your settings so your site is still open but cant be found by google bots. This may stop any further security breaches!

30 11 2009

Ah the dreaded weaning, you will find that this brings out the emotion in so many people. I will say that the guidelines are there for a reason. 6 months is what the experts at WHO say and they are the experts.Many people say follow your instincts, but I found this so hard, especially with MaxiMad, as he was my first. Was he hungry for food, did he need something sitting in his tummy to help him sleep. I had no ideas and anyway I gave in and started weaning at 5 months. He didnt sleep through until he was 11 months old and all that baby rice and puraying a real faff.With MiniMad I was a bit older and wiser. I realised that often he just needed a little more milk. Milk holds more calories that food, so actually is more satisfying for them. I just gave him a lot more during the day and started introducing water.He was weaned so much easier – no fuss actually at 6 months to the day, first spoon of solids on his christening by my MIL!!!!At six months he had what ever maximad had just either mashed or as finger food, it was great.I think as a first time mother there is often the pressure to move on to the next stage as soon as possible, but you really just need to treasure each stage and move slowly.You are bound to get a lot of peoples opinions. I am sorry if I have foisted mine upon you, bit you did ask!!

30 11 2009
A Modern Mother

Sorry we missed you on Sunday. There's always a next time and it was VERY wet.

30 11 2009
make do mum

I'm having same problems with K. I spoke to the health visitor who said I could start her on puree but now I am not so sure! I think I'll try and hold off for a while. What I wouldn't give for a full nights sleep though!

30 11 2009
Not such a yummy mummy

Weaning is such a contentious subject and not something I discuss in case I'm shouted at my people who don't agree! I started Sam on baby rice mixed with breast milk at 17 weeks. He was waking up in the night, I'f increased his feeds and taken fenugreek to increase my milk supply but it hadnt worked. He had baby rice quite happily for one meal a day for a couple of days then refused it. No problem, he was sleeping through again. I started again a week or so later and after a fortnight just on baby milk we moved on to purees and finger food. Sam was absolutely fine despite people telling me I'd messed his body up forever by weaning so early. It might be completely different with my next baby and we may not wean until 6 months but I'll see then, they're all so different. If you try it and it doesn't work then no harm done. It's your instincts that matter and if you think it's the right time then so be it.

4 12 2009

Hiding place discovered! :(As you know I have had one at the top and one at the bottom of the weight spectrum.With my first, every ounce was a struggle and she was under consultant care for a long time as she didn't grow well. He advised me to wait until 6mo which was my instinct.My second is a super grower (21.5lb by 5mo) and so no second thoughts waiting until 6mo. Once we gave him food he was much slower to get going and really want food the way my DD did. It is only now he's hit 9mo that he'd rather take than leave it so to speak.4mo is a classic growth spurt and a big baby needs a bit extra milk to get through it (believe me when I say I was exhausted by DS's 4mo growth spurt!) And sadly the sleeping through the night thing is down to the baby not what they are eating – some sleep, some are a pain in the wotsits (have you seen me tweeting at 3am this week??)K x

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