From my new phone

26 11 2009

I was quite unfair in my post yesterday as I neglected to mention that I too have a new iPhone and although I was not using it at that time, I had been using it while we were out. So really we are just as bad as each other.

We go home tomorrow night. It feels like I have been away for ever. I am looking forward to being home but leaving here is always hard. I do want to get home and sit down and write something, anything. I feel like my blog is lacking in content the past couple of weeks, although I have managed to post every day. Keeping this all a secret is hard but ultimately the best thing for me and this blog.

Right now it is time to feed Piran and go to bed. I have a pain in my neck and packing to do in the morning. A day of stresses and strains and planning and saying goodbye. It will not be easy but we are back in just under 4 weeks for Christmas so perhaps it will be easier than usual.





One response

27 11 2009

I bet it will be nice to be home, my wonderful DH has just told me I have a new phone coming tomorrow as we had finnished our contract

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