Simplehuman review – deluxe semi-round recycler

24 11 2009

When I was approached to review a Simplehuman product it took me quite a while to pick which one! I am a big fan of shiny kitchen and bathroom bits and pieces and there were quite a few products I could happily lust after! (yes, perhaps I need to get out a little more!)

After serious discussions with Mr C we decided to get choose the deluxe semi-round recycler. I must admit to being very attracted to the shampoo and soap dispensers, something to covet for a while!

Inital thoughts
When the box arrived I was quite nervous, it seemed rather large! I had chosen this bin for two reasons. One, because we do not have any space in our tiny kitchen and two, becauseI wanted somewhere to put the recycling. Once I had put the bin in the space against the side of the fridge I was surprised that it took up so little space. It was not in our way at all. It looked shiny and new and I was impressed.

We Liked
Honestly, we really liked this product. I love the way it quietly closes thanks to the patented lid shox™ technology. It says that it is fingerprint proof and I quickly set to pressing my fingers against the surface to see if I could leave a mark! It passed the test with flying colours! I thought the compartments looked quite small but they hold quite a surprising amount of rubbish. I love that the work surface is now clear of piles of recycling as I have somewhere in the kitchen to put it and I just have to pop out and sort it every couple of days.

We didn’t like
We used to use black bin liners in our bin but the rubbish side of the bin, when full only filled half a black sack. I bought some white bin liners instead and they are fine. You can buy liners especially for the bin but that is too much bother for me!  The price is quite a lot for a bin, at £109.99 but it does have a 10 year guarantee so if you think of it over 10 years then perhaps that could be justified.

A stylish looking bin that does everything I would want! I have actually found that having the recycling in the same place as the bin has made me recycle more, as occasionally I might have been naughty and dropped some paper in the bin and now it just goes in the recycling compartment.

The official blurb!
Our fingerprint-proof semi-round recycler has two colour-coded inner buckets (both 18.5L) to separate rubbish from recyclables. The space-efficient shape is ideal for high-traffic areas, while the slim profile hinge allows the bin to fit snugly against the wall. Our smartbucket® bag change system and patented lid shox™ technology make this innovative bin easy-to-use, and the wide, solid steel platform pedal is easy to reach from many angles.

Disclaimer: We were provided with a bin free of charge for the purpose of this review.




3 responses

24 11 2009
Rebel Mother

Good grief! £109.99 for a bin???At that price it should be talking to me and telling me to have a nice day and taking itself out to the bin men every Tuesday!Ah, too much for little old me.Love RMxx

24 11 2009

Ouch to the price, looks nice though

24 11 2009
More than Just a Mother

OMG that's a lot of money. Does it clean the house, too?

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