Sunday night, at last

22 11 2009

Today seems to have been a very long day.

I didn’t sleep very well last night and today we were due to go to my Dad’s for Sunday lunch. I have a large family, Dad and my step-mum live with my step-sister, her partner and their two kids, a boy aged 5 and a girl aged 14 months. Then my step-brother, brother and his fiancee were also there for lunch.

All in all there were 9 adults and 3 children. It is loud and there is a lot going on. Mr C and I live a quiet life and we always find it quite overwhelming when we are with everyone. Piran was not happy all day and spent a lot of his time crying, really screaming and being totally inconsolable. It was so heartbreaking, I thought he could be ill so we gave him some Calpol but it didn’t seem to make any difference. I think that he might be starting to teethe because he has had some interesting nappies! However, I do not think that was what was happening today.

We were there all day but left straight after dinner and as soon as we were back in my Mum’s house he was sweetness and light and chuckles and giggles. He had his bath and his bottle and went to sleep with no bother at all.

So I guess it was all too much for him at my Dad’s with all of the people and the noise and the heat. I understand that, Mr C and I feel that way often! But it worries me as we are going to be there for Christmas Day and I don’t want another day like today if at all possible.

Still, he is in bed now and we are sat watching tv and drinking wine. The long day is finally at an end. Worries about Christmas can wait for another day.

I’m completely shattered!




4 responses

22 11 2009
Geriatric Mummy

I think our little ones are very sensitive to how we are feeling which may have been part of the problem today. I know that as long as I stay calm and relaxed my Star takes everything in his stride but as soon as I get is he. I'm pleased that you have all relaxed and settled this evening 🙂

23 11 2009

Poor little man :(It's amazing the difference a month makes though – he might react completely differently at Christmas – if not, maybe just excuse yourself to a quiet empty room to chill him out? (and some nice quiet time for you too!)

23 11 2009

I am with Geriatric Mummy on this one, little ones pick up on your vibes, so it is worth remaining calm no matter what. Also you can put a few coping mechanisms in place, including walks outside during the day and you can buy some little ear warmers which would muffle the sound!!!!The other thing is you can say that he is not used to the sound and take him and you ro a quiet room for a while.Enjoy the rest of your break

23 11 2009
Then There Were Three

We're going to be in a hectic house at Xmas too. I may just hand LG over and hide!!! 😀 Big hugs as always xx

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