Making our own Christmas Traditions

20 11 2009

This is a sponsored post.

I am so very, very excited about Christmas this year. To be honest I am always very excited about Christmas but this year is special for two reasons. Firstly, it is Piran’s first ever Christmas. Secondly, it is the first Christmas in 4 years that I will share at home with my family. All of us together. It is going to be insane and crazy and LOUD. That is the way they roll.

Now we have Piran I have thought quite a bit about Christmas and traditions that I have with my family and the traditions that I would like to have with our little family. Part of me is happy that we will be in Cornwall this year because that means when Piran is almost 18 months old next year we will have our first Christmas together in our house when he knows more about what is actually happening!

So, when I received an email on behalf of John Lewis asking for Rules for a Great Christmas I couldn’t resist! These are a work in progress but I give you a New Mum’s Suggestions for a Family Christmas:

Christmas is all about the children. It will be fun filled and memorable!
Letters to Santa will be written every year.
Treats will be made by the children for Santa and the Reindeers and left out on Christmas Eve.
Children will wake up to find a stocking at the end of their bed on Christmas morning.
Christmas day outfits are optional but encouraged.
Stockings and small presents will be opened in the morning.
The rest of the presents will be distributed by the children from under the tree after lunch has been eaten and cleared away.

Breakfast will be cooked and will include a glass of bucks fizz for the adults!
A traditional lunch will all the trimmings will be served at 2pm (it does not have to be Turkey but must be a bird of some description!).
You must eat too much chocolate later in the day.
The Strawberry Cremes are mine.

The in-laws:
Are welcome as long as they do things our way!

Bad jokes are obligatory.
Family games will be played late afternoon /early evening on Christmas day after the adults have had a snooze.

Will be put up on 1st December and taken down at Twelfth Night (reluctantly)
Sitting in the dark with just the tree lights on is positively encouraged.
If in Cornwall a trip to see the Mousehole lights is highly recommended.

Oh, there are so many more traditions that I cannot wait to start but this will do us for now.

What are your family traditions?




2 responses

20 11 2009
The wife of bold

Sounds fantastic, i like the stocking at the end of the bed idea, i might have to steal that one:) Hope Piran enjoys his first ever Christmas x x x

20 11 2009

I tried the stocking on the bed thing with my older daughter but it was difficult to place so sadly now they are hung on the door. I'm really looking forward to Xmas this year as little Miss A will be 2 1/2 and will be so aware and I can do so much more in the run up with her.

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