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17 11 2009

It is Tuesday night and my parents have gone out so I am home alone. At last I can get the computer out and write a blog post without a hundred versions of “what are you doing”. Without a doubt, not telling them about this blog is the right thing to do but it makes posting very hard. I usually have a hour in the morning of sitting in bed, playing with Piran and then me blogging as he naps but the moment we wake up my mum is in the room like a shot, desperate to get her hands on her grandson.

Anyway, it is lovely to be here and although I miss Mr C like crazy (he flew back home on Monday to work – back Friday and then he has a week off and we will have a week together here) it is great to be with my family and letting the baby meet his uncles and aunties and get to know his cousins and the grandparents.

I am shattered and my brain is all over the place so I feel the need for some sort of organisation. So I give you what is happening in my world right now, through the medium of bullet points.

  • Those of you that follow me on twitter will have seen that I have been listing a number of things that my very strange parents do. Dinners are the worst, so far this week I have been dished up lasagne and sprouts together, and tonight we had lamb chops in the hole. Seriously, I couldn’t make this up. Does anyone else’s parents do weird stuff like mine?
  • I had a lovely surprise this morning when a parcel turned up addressed to me. It was from Louise at Sew Scrumptious who had made me a couple presents. This completely awesome bib as modeled by Piran, and a tree decoration for Christmas:
  • I had an hour to myself this afternoon so nipped to the shops to see if I could find myself some trousers. Of course I ended up with nothing for me but I did get Piran some little boots to keep his tootsies warm in winter.
  • I took Piran for a walk around the village yesterday and down the lane to where my best friend lived when I was younger. It was very strange, I kinda still feel the same inside as I did then and it was almost like I was a stroppy teenager pushing a pram around.
  • Does anyone else regress around their parents? I guess it is just because they know how to push my buttons. Actually, thinking about it I think it could be because they still sort of treat me like a child so I end up acting like one. Anyway, it is crazy. I have a child of my own now.
  • The first day or so of being here and around my family was hard. There is a lot of them and they are loud and hectic. Mr C and I live a quiet, sedate life and it is always a shock to the system when we come down here and see them all. I have no idea what Piran made of it all!
  • My sister is in full on “I’ve got two kids and therefore know better than you” mode. I am probably being over sensitive but she is constantly commenting on the things I have, what I do with Piran, how I make his bottles, the fact that I have not yet started weaning him.
  • The weaning thing is ridiculous. Piran is not yet 4 months old. I know that he was a big baby and still is but milk is just fine at the moment. You should not give babies food before 4 months. She started to wean her daughter before 3 months and in my opinion that is wrong. I do not say this however, I keep my opinions to myself. I wish she would do the same. I just said that because Piran was poorly with his tummy when he was born I am not rushing things. Hopefully that will stop the comments.
  • My mum also has an opinion on most things that I do but I am quite comfortable telling her that I want things done my way. The only time we have butted heads was last night when Piran was in bed and she was upstairs yelling a conversation with us downstairs. I asked her to be quieter so close to where the baby was sleeping and she started going on about how babies should learn to sleep through noise. I understand that it is good that he doesn’t wake at the slightest noise but he is a real person with feelings and as I tried to explain to her, how would she like it if at 3am I start shouting outside of her bedroom. I still don’t think she understands what I am saying but I will persevere!
  • Piran went the longest between feeds that he ever has yesterday – eight and a half hours. Unfortunately he ate at 3.30, went to bed at 6 and work for a feed at midnight so I was awake for most of that time. Now, if only I can move it to the middle of the night that would be amazing.
  • It is day 17 of NaBloPoMo and I have managed so far to post everyday. Am I boring you yet? I must write my post for this week’s Writing Workshop.

Right, I need to have a shower and do some stuff, I cannot sit here blogging all night 😉




7 responses

17 11 2009
Sew Scrumptious

Piran looks gorgeous in his bib! Glad you like it. Yes I completely regress to teenage mode after about an hour with my parents. Think I always will despite being nearly 40 and having 2 kids!! Stick to your guns re the weaning thing. Offical guidance is now 6 months but I think a lot of people (me included) start around 5 months. 3 months sounds way too early tho. Just take deep breaths and count to 10 when people start annoying you! x

17 11 2009
Sew Scrumptious

p.s lasagne and sprouts???? that is hilarious!!

17 11 2009

I think Piran loooks adorable in his bib and I really love the boots. The bib and decorations are fantastic too.It took me a long time to be able to tell my mum and MIL to mid there own and that things change over time. Weaning stick to your guns, the WHO advise is 6 months old for a reason

17 11 2009

Lovely bib and xmas dec. Whenever I am around my Mum I always feel as though I am 16 again and have to explain myself and actions to her. Why!?!

17 11 2009
More than Just a Mother

Yes, I always regress whilst at my mum's, particularly if my sisters are there. It's quite bizarre. Love the boots 🙂

17 11 2009
Mum with carrot in her hair

I've just had a few days with my Mum and my stroppy teenager side came out. Can't help it. As for the weaning stick to 6 months, believe me it saves such a lot of worries re allergies etc.

19 11 2009

Well I haven't seen my mum in a while but…..it sounds familiar!

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