Friday 13th

13 11 2009

I am quite upset right now because all plans to go to Cornwall are on hold for 24 hours while the stupid weather does its stupid whatever. I am all packed and we are ready to go and now I just have to sit here and wait another day. For crying out loud will I get a bloody break this week?

I just want to say that I know I am acting like a petulant child, I know that driving with a 3 month old and two slightly sleep deprived parents at night in this weather would just be stupid, I know that we have made the right decision.

BUT I cannot tell you how long I have been planning this trip, how much I want to be there already. How much I miss my mum and what it means for me to get down there and show off my little boy. This week has been horrible, really bloody horrible and I needed cheering up. We were meant to be taking my mum to Fifteen tomorrow for lunch, we had it all arranged. There were surprises and I was so excited.

The worst part is that the sun is shining right now. Makes it all feel so futile.

I had started up the computer to write a quick post about going away and saying that I would be back online as soon as I can convince my step dad to give me the password to his wifi. Instead I had a 5 minute conversation with my mum where she cried and begged me not to come just yet. Nothing like a bit of emotional blackmail. I was planning on just starting out and if it all got too much we would stop in a travel lodge but we will just wait and go tomorrow afternoon instead. This post is boring and whiney, sorry. Will get up and dust myself off in a couple hours but for now I am just going to feel sorry for myself and eat cake.

Friday 13th, unlucky for me.

Update: I have pulled myself together and now I am in my PJ’s and I have eaten oat and raisin cookies and had 2 fried eggs with my dinner I feel much happier. I know we made the right decision. I think writing this earlier helped me to perk up a bit.

We will try again tomorrow.




6 responses

13 11 2009

Oh Kelly, that is such a shame a nd to thinkl that the sky is blue here!! Hoping for better for you tomorrow

13 11 2009
The Dotterel

… it'll soon be tomorrow!

13 11 2009
Perfectly Happy Mum

You have made the right decision I am sure. There is nothing more annoying than disappointment. You raise your expectation and get excited and woosh you get knocked down because of a change of plans. Tomorrow should be a better day, so enjoy the cakes and relax. In the great scheme of things it is only one day 🙂 xx

13 11 2009
Emily O

How disappointing to have to change things at the last minute. You definitely made the right decision and having children has to make you think about these things more too. Hope you have a great time once you get down there!

14 11 2009

You feel a bit helpless, it's sad when it happens. But hey, it'll be all right, you'll see!

14 11 2009
Dad Who Writes

Sitting here today, I think you definitely did – I shudder to think what it would have been like driving through the SW yesterday – but it's hard. And we're all entitled to feel a bit petulant when something like the bloody weather wrecks carefully laid, much treasured plans…

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