A bright new day

5 11 2009

Gosh, what a week. Thank you all so much for your amazing comments yesterday, they REALLY helped and I am feeling a lot more positive this morning. I am taking the very good advice and letting Piran tell me what he wants and when and so far he didn’t actually want his bottle until 7.30 (he used to have it at 6) and he was tired at 9 (usually about 10). I am off to the doctors in a bit, so letting him tell me what he wants and when may be tricky but I am fairly confident he will want a bottle at about 10.30 so we should make it!

I cannot believe how much better I feel. That is the power of this blog for me and why I write it. I cannot imagine life as a new mum without the internet. If I didn’t have it I think I would be sat here forever thinking I was a failure as a parent and that everyone else is coping just fine. The reality is something else entirely. I have much respect for my mum, she did it all with one book and her wits. Mind you, apparently I was a dream baby. MIL says Piran takes after Mr C who was a handful at the best of times. Crikey!

I have decided to use this week until we go to Cornwall as an investigation week, just seeing what the little man really wants and have realised that too strict a routine would be detrimental in Cornwall because we will not be at home and we will be out and about and seeing people, stopping for dinner, getting home later than usual and if Piran is too used to a certain routine we could have no end of bother. So my little man is in charge for a while.

Right, better get a move on, I am a lady wot lunches today and have to get to the doctors first! Plus, I am sure he will wake up pretty soon. Thanks again people. You really are THE BEST.

Happy Bonfire night x




2 responses

5 11 2009

Isnt the internet wonderful, just like all those ladies that would have helped out in the olden days. I dont know what I would ahve done without. Good luck and relax

5 11 2009

He has to be boss for a little while more, Kelly. See, things really do get better!

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