3 months

3 11 2009

Dear Piran,

Before you were born I wrote you this letter. You were happily resting in my tummy and little did I know that I would actually have to wait another two weeks to meet you. Those were possibly the longest two weeks of my life. In contrast to that, the three months since you arrived have been a whirlwind. I am not sure where they have gone. You were born in the summer, when we could spend lots of time outdoors. It is autumn now, and the days are shorter and colder but I love the fact that for the first time in a long time I get to fully experience the season instead of being stuck in an office I am walking around the countryside with you for company. Next year you will be able to share it with me more, I look forward to that.

We had a bit of a rocky start you and I. You were a bit poorly when you were born and the doctors had to make you better before we could bring you home. Five days after you were born your Dad and I took the strangest car journey of our life, with you looking so small and cute in your car seat. I just stared at you as you slept the entire drive home.

Those clothes look so big on you but you were actually a big baby when you were born – 10lb 2oz and you continue to grow so fast. You look so different now than you did then. When we visit your Grandma next week she will hardly recognise you. You are heavy and I find it hard to lift you for too long but I love our cuddles together.

We go swimming once a week and you even swim on your own under water (well bob up bottom first at the moment, we are working on the kicking!) You seem to love the water which is great. I cannot wait to take you for a walk on the beach in Cornwall for the first time ever. It is your Dad’s and my favourite place to be. There is just 10 sleeps until we go to Cornwall. Your mum is so very homesick and desperate to go and show you off to her family. You have met your Grandparents but not your Auntys and Uncles and your cousins are very excited to see you.

You are growing up so fast – you are so alert and aware all of the time my sweetheart, you get so frustrated when I put you down these days as you want to be up and looking around all of the time. You are not very well today and you are sleeping in your chair by my feet as I type this. You sleep very well at night at the moment and get really fed up if we keep you up past 6pm, crying to be put in your cot and left alone. You still have to eat every 4 hours though, waking enough to scoff a bottle and then slipping back into dream land. You are usually a very quiet sleeper and it worries your Dad. Occasionally you will do a big fart though, so we know you are okay!

You smile and laugh, and you make us smile and laugh. You love waving your legs in the air and farting, and rolling onto your side. You can hold your head and chest up off the floor when on your front and love bouncing away in your door bouncer, dribbling all over the floor. You scream the house down when you are hungry and have a great appetite. People keep asking me when it will be time to wean you, but I am nowhere near ready for that yet, I want to hang onto these baby days a while longer. You chat constantly to yourself all the time, and moan yourself to sleep, which gives your Dad and I the giggles some nights as you are in the cot in our room. It can be very distracting when we try to sleep. You have started to grab things and like to left your left trouser leg and show us your knee. The only toy you seem to pay attention to at the moment is your Whoozit, but I think you would be just as happy with a muslin.

People say you have a cute face. I agree, although I am biased. You have a cheeky grin that melts my heart and when you cling on to my hand as I feed you my heart overflows with love for you. You frustrate me too, when you will not nap during the day and you get upset and cry and cry and will not let me soothe you. Whatever we do you cry for most of the last hour before bed, but occasionally we can get a smile.

This picture is you today. You are my world and I cannot wait to find out how you will change over the next three months. We love you very much. So much that some times we look at you, or hold you and we cry because you have made our family complete.

Mum x




10 responses

3 11 2009
Then There Were Three

That is so beautiful it's made me cry. Can I blame the left over pregnancy hormones?

3 11 2009
Sew Scrumptious

What a gorgeous boy. Your post made me want to cry. Lovely! x

3 11 2009

When a beautiful post. I am feeling very teary, but it is wonderful to have these things for our children.

3 11 2009
Emma Louise

That was beautiful. I cant believe he was 10lb 2oz..I would of thought 6lb looking at how tiny he is! He looks so lost in his babygro! 🙂

3 11 2009
Mum with carrot in her hair

He is a gorgeous little man. Your letter made me cry. x

3 11 2009

Thanks to Mrs Wallop on Twitter, just popped over to read it. What a beautiful post. Made me all tearful, in a good way.

3 11 2009
Cafe Bebe

Absolutely beautiful post Mrs. Print it out and put it in a book for Piran. He needs to read these one day and know how truly lovely his Mummy is. Well done you.Karin

3 11 2009

Beautiful post, made my eyes well up a bit too, isn't it amazing how they hold your heart in their tiny hands.

4 11 2009

He's lovely!

7 11 2009
Sandy Calico

I'm a bit behind on my google reader… What a lovely post. Piran's looking so grown up, what a lovely boy x

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