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31 10 2009

I have been blogging for over 4 years, and not that many people know about it. When I started I was completely anonymous, under the name of Dancinfairy. I blogged about my life and my sometimes disastrous love life. I blogged at work and about work and because it was all anonymous it didn’t really matter.

Then slowly I let my guard down with a couple people and then a couple more. Then I got completely drunk one night and told all of my friends. Then, even though they probably immediately forgot I didn’t feel comfortable about the whole thing. So I started a new blog (this one, orginally called ‘A place to hide’) I just checked and my first real post after moving across from my old blog was 22nd July 2007. Wow, over 2 years ago.

Slowly over time I have dropped the anonymity and now I am just Kelly. You know what I look like, what my husband looks like and my son’s name and incredibly cute face!! You know where I come from and roughly where I live.

But one thing remains. The ‘real’ people in my life don’t know about this blog. They do know about this one, but that was just put together when Mr C and I moved into this house and I wanted to keep my family up to date on what we had achieved. They do not know that I have a personal blog where I write about, well everything! Everyone I write about on here has a nickname, but they do not know that they are being written about.

However, now I am on maternity leave blogging has become more than something that I do occasionally. It is part of my every day life. I am posting or thinking of posting, or making things and taking pictures to post on Monday. And, to be honest, I love it. Being at home all the time is a bit if a shock to the system when I have been a 9-5 office girl for so long. I don’t miss that at all, but it is nice to have something that is mine.

My problem has come from the fact that because I am blogging more things have changed. I have made friends that I have met in real life and my mum asked me how I got to know them (a vague ‘on the internet’ made her a little worried. It’s okay mum, I am not a child!). I have won prizes and people want to know how I entered them (blogging, all blogging). I am being contacted regarding reviews more and more often and although I turn down anything that is not relevant to me I have received some things, and some others are in the pipeline. Now, I could say that we bought all of these items but it kinda looks like we are being frivolous with our money and we are not.

So I am wondering if perhaps it is time I came out of the blogging closet. I am worried about their reactions to it though. I have lived away from my family for the last 9 years. We are still close and they know me well but here, in my little place of the internet I am truly myself. I do not censor myself. I do not hold back. I write about my triumphs and my bad days. I write about the struggles I have being a first time mum. I boast about my gorgeous baby. What would they think about the fact that I post pictures of my little family. That Piran is known by a little part of the internet. I really am in two minds what to do. I don’t want to be judged. Am I being too hard on them? Or paranoid?

So, does your family read your blog? Any advice? I would love to know what everyone else does.

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31 10 2009

My family and VERY close friends know about my blog. I don't feel comfortable just telling anyone. I've been in the same position, having to explain the free toys and opportunities and I just say I signed up for something on the internet and got lucky! I won't even link to the Great Toy Guide (even though I'm so proud ot be a part of it) on my personal Facebook because it links to my blog!Not really any advice I'm afraid, sorry!There's an award for you over at mine x

31 10 2009

I am sort of half and half. I am not embarressed and infact MaxiMads teacher knows as she did a search on something (cbebbies rain catchers) and our blog came up!!!

1 11 2009
Sew Scrumptious

Only 2 of my close friends know about my blog and one is Australia although occassionally after a few drinks I sometimes mention it! I like the fact that the people that read it are people who dont know me and therefore I can say what I like. Also I know people only comment because they want to and not because they feel they have to. Also its nice to have a little thing just for me. x

1 11 2009

My family know I blog but aren't fussed about reading it as they know it is mostly about Guiding. I do hide the name of my kids though, I either call them Son and Daughter or Cheeky and Kwon. And when I show pics of them, I put a thick stripe across their eyes. They're older than your baby and I just feel they could be more easily identified if I didn't do that.

1 11 2009
make do mum

Would you still feel you could write what you wanted, uncensored, if you knew your family was reading?If not then I wouldn't tell them! x

1 11 2009

I've only recently started blogging, but none of my friends or family really know about it at the mo, apart from OH of course.

1 11 2009
Coding Mamma (Tasha)

Chris tells lots of people about my blog, oddly. This started when I started getting things to review, because he was uite impressed with that. I don't really talk about it much, but my blog posts come upon my Facebook page, so it's not a secret. Some posts get quite a lot of comments from friends and family on Facebook – Rosemsry's birth story and the breast-feeding one, for example, so I know people do read.You do have to watch what you say if people you know read it, though. You can't moan about your MIL, for example! Chris quite often reads it and then points out things I've reported slightly wrong, which can be very annoying!I say, do whatever feels right for you!

1 11 2009

A couple of friends know but that's it. I do a lot of thinking without telling people just to see how I get on (like learning to drive which I posted about recently.) I don't think my family would understand the blogosphere. Maybe I'll come out of the blogging closet one day!

1 11 2009

I wrote about this the other day, actually. In short, not any more they don't. I found that I was starting to censor myself and that as a result, it was getting harder to write. It came to a head with a series of posts I needed to write about the tougher aspects of our relationship that I wasn't comfortable even letting my partner read, though writing them did help me approach the difficulties with her. She does know the name of the blog now but if she's read it, she's keeping it to herself.

1 11 2009

i have only recently gone "public" to my friends and family with it. I had a few comments when i first told them about it but they havent mentioned it since really. I have only told my closets friends and family about it. I think if it would change the way you blog then I would keep it private. Would you be as open and honest?

1 11 2009
Then There Were Three

None of our friends and family know. I'm staying totally in the closet. I wont be able to write what i want to write if they all ready it.Like dadwhowrites I don't want to censor myself …As for explaining things – especially my new friends – I just say something rather lame about twitter, nct or that I ahve met via my other blog as they know all about that one. I have a few twitter accoubts, its only the OMG one that's secret!

2 11 2009
Sandy Calico

All my family and friends know about my blog. I only have one facebook account and I put links on there to my blog. I don't think any of them are that interested!Now I'm wishing I'd started blogging anonymously. I have to censor what I write. For instance I want to write a post about how my boys had rubbish food thrown at them at a Halloween party. They ate their own body weight in crisps, chocolates and cakes. There was absolutely nothing healthy to eat. Grr! At least I can have a bit of a rant here 🙂 I'm sure you'll make the right decision for you x

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