Wordless Wednesday: A place of my very own. FOR REAL!

21 10 2009

Our new and improved spare room (with sofa bed for those pesky visitors). It is a thing of beauty. I am in love.

It needs work to make it pretty but as an added plus, now we get our dining table back!




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21 10 2009

Oooh fab! Well done you. And I LOVE those Ikea shelves – me and the hubby were eying them up just the other day. Perfect for all your crafty things :)x

21 10 2009

I sooooooooooooo love those book cases! I think Ikea will get a call when we finally move.

21 10 2009
Mrs OMG Pregnant


21 10 2009

Maybe my DH will listen to me about those shevles if I tell him he can have the table back!

21 10 2009

You have limited eddition Billys. Need want must have, but no budget. Love them lots

21 10 2009
Sew Scrumptious

I have shelf envy too!!

21 10 2009

So much shelf and spare room envy going on right now. . . it looks great, enjoy it!

24 10 2009

Ooh, it's lovely!

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