What I enjoyed reading lately

18 10 2009

We have been out to meet some friends for a lovely Sunday lunch and to introduce Piran to them. Now we are spending quality Sunday afternoon time on the sofa, Mr C watching Gardeners World, the baby kicking his legs in the air and shouting at the TV. So I thought this would be the perfect time to share some of my favourite posts from the past two weeks. Thanks again to Peggy for the idea and the pretty picture!

Josie from Sleep is for the weak wrote about her love for her son. As did Insomniac Mummy. Both beautiful posts, on the same subject. Different experiences and views, the combination of both made me feel a lot better about how I am feeling about becoming a mum and my love for the little boy who is our own.

Louise at Sew Scrumptious wrote about the Operation Christmas Child. Watch this short video, the excitement just blew me away. Think I will do a proper post on this soon, but please think about getting involved. I have been thinking more recently about how I like to live my life and the way in which I treat other people and have decided that I love to do nice things for people, it makes me feel happy. I love the whole idea of ‘paying it forward‘.

Mothership writes about children and bullying and how things are not always as black and white as she was mean to me. It really made me think about some of my experiences as a child.

I loved reading everyone’s experiences of being pregnant over at A Mother’s Secrets. I think the overwhelming consensus is that no matter what happens in pregnancy it is almost all forgotten when you hold that baby in your arms for the first time.

This post from Fourdownmumtogo almost made me long for another baby, the description of that first night with a new baby when you have done it before sounded so wonderful. Perhaps because I didn’t have that amazing first night with my baby staring at the wonder of him, as he was poorly. Anyway, the screaming of an eleven week old snapped me out of it!

Mrs OMG Pregnant wrote her birth story in super quick time and we were introduced to Lola Grace. How cute? Too cute! I am so pleased she had such a positive experience.

Cally writes about how it feels to become a published author and see her book in the shops. She is a friend of mine and I am so happy for her. Also, the book is GREAT! I finished it in 4 days, which is an achievement, as the last book I read took 8 weeks!

And finally, as there is quite a lot up there for you to read, just two more. I laughed at Sally at Who’s the Mummy being thrown out of Flea’s bed and I loved Brit in Bosnia’s description of her wedding day.

So that is it. For now. The problem with this blogging lark is that there are so many great writers with interesting things to say that my Google Reader might go pop! Hope everyone has had a good weekend, and that good things happen for everyone this week.




6 responses

18 10 2009
Sew Scrumptious

Love the round up of blogs you have read. Brilliant idea. I've discovered some great new blogs to read and its very exciting to be mentioned myself! p.s thanks for the lovely gift you sent Izzy. You are very kind! x

18 10 2009
Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

Thanks for mentioning me, I'm very chuffed indeed. Also a bit in awe that you are managing to do so much stuff as well as having an 11 week old and stay sane. x

19 10 2009

Sew Scrumptious – it was my pleasure, Izzy will get a lot more fun out of it than I would.Brit in Bosnia – my blog is full and happy, my house is a TIP!

19 10 2009
Insomniac Mummy

Lots of great posts there and some new blogs for me to follow.Thanks for the mention.x

19 10 2009
Mrs OMG Pregnant

Thanks for including us! Love this idea.Im desperately trying to keep up with reading but am failing miserably! Too busy staring at Lola 🙂 xx

22 10 2009

I love the "paying it forward" idea too, and have mentioned it a few times in my blog recently. Have just found your blog via SewScrumptious, and I can see I'm going to have to find a few spare hours to have a look at all the other lovely blogs you mention!

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