Sleep deprivation

27 09 2009

We love a good carnival and there is a sleep deprivation carnival over at Sleep is for the weak.

I thought I would add a short and sweet submission, and this morning is very apt as the baby got me up at 6.30, had his bottle and promptly went back to sleep for the last hour. He is happily snorning away in his little sleeping bag, I am wide awake on the sofa!

Anyway, all I have for you is one tweet that was written two days after bringing Piran home from the hospital:

Mr C just asked how you spell Shelia. I responded “4”.

Plus, sleep deprived pictures have been requested. I have no shame so I give you two! Please, focus on that gorgeous baby people, no mention of baby weight!

A slightly more flattering look! (using the CUTE baby to hide double chin…crafty!)

Oh, and look at the little cherub catching up on his sleep. Lucky devil!




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