Monday morning

21 09 2009

I am too happy in bed this morning! Got up, gave the screaming child his bottle then both of us have gone back to bed, me with the laptop and Piran happy in full leg waving glory on the bed next to me. I do not want to face today, I had two things planned, meeting someone for lunch and then the dreaded return visit to the dentist that I am not looking forward to. Just seen on twitter that the person I am meant to be meeting for lunch is on a train to Birmingham so we will not be having lunch so the next thing I need to do is be in town at 2.20pm to drop Piran in to Nanny at work. I won’t take him to the dentist with me, last time I cried and was in a right state, seeing me like that could scar him for life.

Last week I was so pleased to finally finish my first project since the baby was born. When my parents were staying we went to Paul’s parents for lunch. My Stepdad sat on a chair and went through the bottom! Paul’s mum was going to get rid of it so we grabbed it as a chair for the nursery. We had been feeding Piran in bed at night and it is not very conducive to staying awake.

The straps and cushions were very old. I bought new straps on the internet, then bought some cheap cushions from Ikea which I put together with the old cushions and covered them in fleece. Then I made new cushion covers with material also from Ikea, box cushions with zips in and everything. I am very proud of these, the first time that I put a zip in anything! Anyway, the pictures are below.

The chair was actually Paul’s nan’s and I got the highest praise from his mum when she said that his nan would have liked what we had done with the chair. Crikey!


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4 responses

21 09 2009
Mrs OMG Pregnant

You seem to have a natural talent for this home stuff. Im still struggling to sew in a straight line!

21 09 2009
Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy?

The chair looks great – well done!

22 09 2009
More than Just a Mother

It looks fab! I love the fabric.

26 09 2009
Coding Mamma (Tasha)

I'm very impressed. It looks lovely. You must feel very satisfied. When Rosemary was a few weeks old, I put up a set of bookshelves in our living room, including sawing, sanding and varnishing the wood, as well actually drilling the holes and attaching it all to the walls. It was one of the most satisfying piece of DIY I'd done, I think because of being unable to do anything for so long when pregnant. I have high hopes for a sudden need to DIY a few weeks after Eleanor is born – we could do with a set of shelves the other side of the chimney breast!

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