Three ladies, two babies and one bump do lunch

19 09 2009

I stole the title, from a great tweet this morning!

So this morning I packed up the baby and drove to Worthing to meet with my fabulous new blogger / twitter friends Mrs OMG Pregnant and Miss Leslieanne. Thanks to Pizza Express and a kind offer of a free lunch as a tie in to their new Leggera pizza launch. Now none of us had the pizza with the hole (not like a polo, this one is filled with salad) but we did have a lovely lunch and chatter and over two hours flew by. It was wonderful to meet them and great to swap stories and experiences.

No photos I am afraid, I have to protect the identity of the people involved (alright, I admit it, I forgot I had the camera) but I did get one of Piran’s first time at the seaside.




4 responses

19 09 2009

Oh, Kelly! Piran is sooo cute (God bless him!)

20 09 2009

Sounds like you had a lovely time…and what a lovely pic of Piran at the seaside.

20 09 2009
Mrs OMG Pregnant

It was a lovely lunch … we didn't have pizza at all thought did we!!!Loved meeting and getting cuddles from the boys, they're just sooooooo cute. I can vouch for it readers, Piran is gorgeous, and the mummys are too!Looking forward to the next meet up! Actually, I have an idea about that. Will email you both xxx

29 09 2009
miss leslieanne

had such a lovely time :)thank you again for arranging it!we were rubbish for not taking photos, i forgot too – next time!(don't worry mrs omg, we'll pixelate your face to keep your secret identity! :P)

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