Birth story: Part One Induction

6 09 2009

Yep, as you can see from the title to save you all from what would probably be the longest post in the history of this blog I have decided to split it up. You should be grateful, the story of 9 days in hospital all at once would be way too much I tell you. That said, this in itself is pretty long!

I have been dying to write this post and dreading it in equal measures. I feel that this week I am now suitably removed from the whole process that it is now time to write it down and deal with the experience once and for all. Luckily, I wrote down what happened to me before Piran was born when I was in hospital being induced otherwise it might have been a very short post. So, for my sanity, here goes.

Piran was due on 18th July, however when there was no sign of him a week after that they booked me in for an induction. I was told to report to the hospital at 10am on Tuesday 28th July. What follows is the diary that I wrote while in hospital.

Tuesday 28th July
Arrived as instructed at 10am. Put onto a monitor, the baby is okay. They are too busy so they ask us to go home and telephone tomorrow to see if they would like us to come in then. So we leave and go to the supermarket, Starbucks and the garden centre. That evening we eat curry, I exercise, have sex and take a big dose of the homeopathic remedy meant to induce labour. Nothing works.

Wednesday 29th July
Happy birthday to me. I wake up and open my birthday cards then we ring the hospital. They tell us to come in so we throw everything back in the car and off we go again. All happens very quickly when we arrive – taken to a room, put onto a monitor, given the dose of Prostin! I was told that I should get up and about but try and have a sleep in the afternoon. If nothing happens then they will monitor me again at 4.30pm then give me a second dose. So we walked about the hospital, drank a lot of tea, rested and then because nothing changed the baby was monitored again and I was given the second dose. This gave me constant, strong period type pain. Given painkillers. Mr C is told to go home and rest. I have a bath to relax but when I come out they have to move me from my side room out onto the ward. Two babies, and a faulty alarm give me a very bad nights sleep. Before I go to sleep the midwife indicates that I should be monitored very early on and given the next dose of Prostin at around 8am.

Thursday 30th July
Mr C sneaks in early because it is his birthday and we open his cards and sit and wait. I have been up since 6am, showered (SOBBED my heart out for the duration), breakfasted and been for a walk. No one comes to see us until 10.30 with no explanation, then I am monitored and given the next dose of Prostin at 11. It is immediately very painful, although the pain is constant again. I am given pain relief, and told to get up and about as much as possible, have a bath etc. I try and walk as much as possible but it HURTS. Plus it is raining outside and there is only so much walking up and down corridors that you can do.I discover that walking up and down stairs is easier than on the flat. I am in too much pain to eat lunch. Mr C is getting very frustrated, I am getting more and more upset. The midwife has a very no nonsense attitude and we have just been left to get on with it all day with no explanation of what should be happening. At about 4pm we demand that someone come and speak to us. When we ask what happens next the midwife simply says “Nothing”.


That one little word just pushes me over the edge. A great deal of crying and I end up getting myself in quite a state. The pain is horrendous, uncomfortable but just Prostin pains. Woop, I am in pain, but it is THE WRONG KIND OF PAIN. Awesome. The midwife slows down and takes some time with me when she realises quite how hard this is on me and how upset I am. I am monitored and given painkillers and she lets us know she will get the doctor to come and see us and discuss what happens next. I am given a side room again, and the doctor comes and examines me at 7pm and tells me that although my cervix is thin and the baby is very low I have not dilated at all. I am told I will be given sleeping pills and will be monitored again in the morning. Mr C goes home, I take the pills and I get the best nights sleep – including sleeping through someone giving birth in the room next door! (I woke up, heard one scream and just went back to sleep!) Before I went to sleep I wrote a list of questions to ask in the morning, which helps a little.

Friday 31st July
I woke up at 7am and all the pain has gone. I had some breakfast and then Mr C arrived. Doctor came in at 10am and again, was very brisk, saying that he was going to examine me then monitor the baby and give the Prostin. This time however we were prepared and we asked him to go through everything before starting. He answered our questions and said that they wanted to try one last dose of Prostin (my fourth) and if that did not work then we would be booked in for a c section, when exactly would depend on how busy they were. The midwife came to see me, she was really nice and calming. Baby was monitored and I was given the Prostin again at 11am. Spent the next few hours walking and resting. Paul was getting more and more frustrated and I just kept crying all the time. The pains started again at 4pm. I asked for pain relief but instead they examined me and instead and there was no change. We asked to see the doctor but they said the baby would be monitored first.

Paul went to clear his head and then typically the doctors arrived. I telephoned him and he ran back. They told us that they wanted me to have another night of rest and then I could either go home for 24 hours then if nothing happened come in on Sunday, or examine me and break my waters on Saturday morning. They did say that I could have an epidural but they would prefer to start the process without as that would mean more movement for me. We opt to start things off tomorrow, there is no way that I am leaving this hospital without the baby being born! I am unsure re pain relief. When we mentioned that the doctor yesterday said I would have a c section this doctor is reluctant, and advises that this will be the last resort. When they leave Paul is very frustrated, me too really, just wish that we would get a consistent message.

Paul goes home to rest and I just try and chill out. It is exciting that we will have our beautiful baby tomorrow and I will be pleased that the waiting is over but it is scary! It is an evening of chaos on the ward with one delivery in a side ward and the girl that came in for induction yesterday is wheeled off in labour at 9.30. I am given sleeping pills and go to sleep.

Saturday 1st August
I wake at 5am, and when I go to the toilet I have my show. Well it seems that something might have started to happen but I am realistic that this is probably too little too late! I have a chat with one of the midwives Jo and she makes me a cup of tea. A bit later I have breakfast and meet Nicola, the girl that went off to have her baby last night. She had a boy, Noah at around 4am this morning which is her birthday. I just put the telly on and wait for Paul to come in and for everything to start happening.

All in all it was an incredibly frustrating and annoying process. I understand that there were people there that had greater needs than mine and that the midwives were busy but I spent a lot of time not really knowing what should be happening or what would happen next. I felt isolated and cut off from my friends. I managed to post to my blog by email, and could access google reader but that was my lot. When I mentioned this some amazing bloggers wrote posts on their own blogs to me, or mentioned that they were thinking of me and wished me luck. I cannot explain what that meant to me at the time. I wish I could remember exactly who but I am afraid a lot of it is a blur. Please let me know if you were one of them, I would love to link from this post. I got so fed up of the phone calls and texts asking if anything had happened I switched my telephone off. I know a lot of people were worried but it was taking all of my energy to just get through each day, and explaining the same story over and over was too much.

So, we will leave me there, waiting for the midwife to come and tell me when they would be breaking my waters. I will return with the post about the actual birth, and then a third about what happened afterward and about Piran’s stay in the SCBU. Not a fun story, but one I feel I should record if only to move on.

Update: Thanks for these posts. Sandy @ Baby Baby Miss Leslieanne @ Life with a little dude Mrs @ OMG We’re Pregnant




6 responses

6 09 2009
Sandy Calico

I'm amazed that the hospital had you in a bed for days, surely they could have been a bit more organised?!And as for the lack of information, grr.I hope writing it down does help you get over it. I may write mine down one day!

6 09 2009
Sandy Calico

Oh, and I did a little good luck post for you. Glad they helped x

7 09 2009
Rebel Mother

Flippin' Nora! You should have been going for a world record – in hospital that long!Bet you fancied some proper food once out!RMxx

9 09 2009
miss leslieanne

Blimey, you realy did have a nightmare, huh?I hope that writing it down is helping 'process' it all in your brain?My planned au-naturel birth turned into a c-section nightmare and it took me a long time to come to terms with it afterwards – I still have wobbles 4 months on!Just need to keep reminding yourself though – you brought home a goreous baby boy in the end. That's all that really matters 🙂 x

9 09 2009
miss leslieanne

Oh, and I left you a little blog post too – I'm glad they helped a bit – that seems like yeeears ago now!

11 09 2009
Mrs OMG Pregnant

I've read it, and its made me sad. You know, they never tell you this stuff do they. Sigh. Keep writing it down, its good to get it out. And post more pics of the little man soon xxps. I wrote you a post too & am glad they helped xxx

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