My first poo story

27 08 2009

Here it is people, proof that I am no longer just any old blogger. I am now a Mummy Blogger. My very first poo story. I feel that this is some sort of rite of passage!

Picture the scene….brand new Mummy with a baby that is a mere 36 hours old. In the SCBU talking to the very nice doctor who is explaining that they want to do a new type of xray on Piran. He undresses and examines Piran then asks me if I want to be the one that changes his nappy as it is wet. I readily agree, slightly nervous as this is only nappy number 2 for me. I remove the nappy and as I do the little man deposits a lovely poo straight into his babygrow. The embarrassment and shame laughed off as I admit I am new to this. The thing is, it is not just poo, this is meconium. Dark green tar like poo. Lovely. So I roll up the babygrow and clean up the ‘area’ (NOT simple, that stuff sticks. Like tar. Scrubbing was required!) and slide a clean nappy underneath. Before I can even do it up, Bingo, he shoots he scores, poo number two. As I remove the nappy and wipe the mess and slide another new one underneath we have a wee wee shower incident. Well, I can say that this is going well. The doctor and nurse are still there talking to me as I mess up the nappy change in perfect fashion. The shame! Before I even have chance to deal with the wee situation Piran deposits poo number three and as I cleaned that up it was topped off with wee number two. The second dirty nappy was removed the baby was wiped and I got a clean nappy on and done up. The relief was palpable, from my side and theirs as I think they thought for a minute that they would need to intervene!

So there we have it, one single nappy change, in front of an audience involved:
Nappy x 3
Poo x 3
Wee x 2
Clean clothes x 1




10 responses

27 08 2009

I feel like there should be figures attached to this so at the end you can say Priceless like in those adverts for the debit/credit card!Welcome to the official club too!

27 08 2009

Don`t worry hun, it happens to all of us. That`s what I`m getting ready for now. That beautiful poo tar! :DMy fifth baby is due any minute. I`m one day overdue now so she could come out any time.Mmmm, getting weed on and poo inbetween our fingers…. that`s what we sign up for isn`t it? Take care xx

27 08 2009
Coding Mamma (Tasha)

Congratulations and welcome to the club – a rite of passage, indeed. It's just occurred to me that I missed the meconium poop. I guess the SCBU nurses must have fielded that one. I shall look forward to my first meconium experience (maybe), at least I'll be able to take comfort in the knowledge that there will surely be a blog post in it.

27 08 2009
Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

Now you know you are a mummy.We have no shame when it comes to poo, and we LOVE poo stories. Are we in fact 8 year old boys in disguise? x

27 08 2009
Mrs OMG Pregnant

*giggle* right of passage – his bacjk passage!!!

27 08 2009
Half Mum Half Biscuit

Congratulations! (To all three of you!)

28 08 2009

welcome to mummy world!! at least you had enough nappies etc otherwise it would have been even worse!

28 08 2009
Maternal Tales

Hee hee. I saw the word poo and I just had to come on in!! Oh poor you – I remember seeing meconium for the first time and although people tell you about it, it's still a tad shocking. I think you handled it very well – and a pooing, weeing baby is a healthy one!!

28 08 2009
Ladybird World Mother

Yup. Can remember that sort of poo story. got helpless giggles with Husband when Middle Son was tiny and poo'ing like there was no tomorrow. Ran out of nappies, wipes, hands, carpet but not humour! That awful dark green poo… oh dear. Enjoy all those other poo stories you're going to have. There will be hundreds of them!

2 09 2009

Love this! When the paediatrician came round to see S his nappy was dirty. It was his first one so I actually called the midwife who did it for me! At least you did it on your own!!Oh and just reading your other posts, don't worry about being a lurker, look how crap I've been and I haven't got a new baby to look after! xx

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