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25 08 2009

I suspect that I have limited time to write a post. Piran is asleep but only had a small feed almost two hours ago so I am actually surprised that he is not screaming the place down! Anyway, I just wanted to write something so instead of tackling the ‘proper’ posts that I have flying around in my head I just wanted to get some bits and pieces out.

Baby questions
Wow, these little bundles of fun can be very perplexing at times. What on earth did people do before Google? I have no idea. I have read a number of books and surfed online but honestly keep coming back to Twitter and blogging for help and advice. You have all been just wonderful, so I will keep asking the questions.

Today’s offering: At the moment, when Piran sleeps I have him in which ever room that I am in, so usually the front room in his chair or carrycot during the day and evening and then in his cot in our bedroom when we go to bed. I would like to start putting him down in the cot in our bedroom in the evening so that we just get a hour or so without the baby in the room. I would get a baby monitor to listen in but how old does he need to be before we do this?

Your blogs
I am sure that you all realise and understand that the time I have for reading blogs is limited at the moment! After two weeks of just marking all as read in my google reader I am back to reading the posts but I am afraid that I have turned into a bit of a lurker. I know, the shame! Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am reading and following, I just do so in the middle of the night on my iPod as I try and get Piran to settle which means no way of commenting. Also, I did leave a couple of comments last week on a couple of blogs and spent the next 24 hours with an uneasy feeling that what I was trying to say had come out in a condescending way, or that I had not been coherent enough to get my point across. So it is probably best that I don’t comment for fear of offending you lovely people.

My writing
God, I am desperate to be able to sit down and write, however unless I have had a proper nap right before hand I am pretty certain that my attempts would not be that good. There are a couple of websites that I am dying to write something for and contribute to and my birth story NEEDS to be written, for my sanity and for me to finally put it to rest and move on.

My blog
I try not to look at it too much. It looks all messy and my blogroll is just appalling and I want to tidy up the sidebar and do so much more. If I had the chance I would love to learn how to do all this stuff myself and design a template that I like but I guess I will have to save that to sometime around Piran’s 18th birthday! I tried to find a college course but they are all in Eastbourne which is too far to go.

However, it cannot all be that bad as I got this lovely award from Miss Leslieanne. As much as cake. A high accolade indeed!

I had hardly done any sewing before I went on maternity leave but I cannot believe how much I miss it at the moment. I am itching to get on with some projects that I have planned and when I was in hospital I received all of this lovely fabric that I ordered from the US and it is just sat there waiting for me to get my hands on it! Look, how cool?

Plus, I finally managed to get onto Amazon and ordered some books on sewing. Now all I need is time to take the fabric and make something!!




7 responses

25 08 2009
Cafe Bebe

You most certainly can leave Piran in another room so you and Mr can have some YOU time. Just get a good digital monitor and you'll know when he needs you. It's important for Piran to be on his own a bit as well. He'll rest better, possibly, without the distractions in the same room as you. As long as you have a monitor, you'll be just fine! It's hard to let go but you can do it. It will be good for you and Piran both!

25 08 2009

I would put baby Piran in another room for sure. To be honest its apparently better if the baby learns to associate their bedroom with sleep. I think this is where I have gone wrong.Personally I would avoid a digital monitor as I am unhappy about wireless technology in my house. We have a standard Tomy one which has worked well for us. good luck!

25 08 2009
WADs not WAGs

I put Soraya into her cot in her room 4 weeks ago (she is now 21weeks) and it was very very hard at first! She now sleeps all night long from 8:30 til 6/7am!We use the Safety 1st picture monitor and it's fab. Although you can become a bit too attached to it and check it all the time! It is tough but you will all benefit from it xx

25 08 2009

utwoenIt will be fine for you to have Piran in his room if you have a good monitor, I am sure it will do you both good and give you and Mr some together time too.The fabric you have got is lovely, cant wait to see the projects you produce with it..x

25 08 2009
Mrs OMG Pregnant

Loving those fabrics – can you send me the link where u got them from!As for everything else, you know I am useless, but loving u asking these questions so I know the answer xx

26 08 2009
Perfectly Happy Mum

I agree with everyone. You will all benefit from leaving Piran in his own room in the evening now. We started at around 3 to 4 weeks with both our boys and with a good monitor it will be fine. You will learn to love that time when he goes down in his bedroom at night and you have yours and your husband time on your own. 🙂

29 08 2009

I'm late commenting as usual and I should probably read your newer posts before commenting in case there's an update on the monitor. But anyway, I'm here now!Yes, you can definitely start putting him in his own bed with a monitor.We found with our boys that it took them a little while to get used to it, but we started putting them to bed at 7pm at about 6 weeks. They soon get used to it and you and Mr C get your evenings back!

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