Second week

15 08 2009

Well, isn’t sleep deprivation exciting? I totally underestimated what it does to your brain. I am fine with looking after the little man and I am managing to get the essentials done, but Thursday I completely lost the plot in the evening – Mr C practically threw me out of the door and made me go out for a hour by myself then when I came home made me go to bed and he was in charge of Piran downstairs until midnight. It made all the difference and when the health visitor came yesterday I was on top of the world and she seemed convinced that I knew what I was doing.

Thursday was hard for a number of reasons, Piran is constipated and when I called for advice there was confusion over how I should be making up the bottles I am giving him, and at one point I ended up wailing that I was a failure as a mother because not only could I not breastfeed I was incapable of making up bottles too. Stupid really, there is just so much conflicting advice. Anyway I got that all sorted with the health visitor when she came and now it is even easier than before which is a result.

This week was all about coming to terms with the way things all turned out and getting on with our real life as a family. So far, that is great. We have a gorgeous son who is big and strong and very long with big hands and long fingers and monkey toes.

He makes the most amazing, confusing and frankly odd facial expressions and I could happily watch him all day.
He scares us at times because he flings his head about and headbuts us when he is upset. He is just going to get bigger and stronger so I will have to work on my muscles that is for sure. At least we managed to bite the bullet and get out for a walk on Friday.

We are getting there. He has a difficult period every evening where he cries for about a hour and is restless either side. We are finding ways to deal with this, we will see how it goes. Mr C is amazing and is getting more confident by the moment. I am typing one handed and cuddling with the other because Piran cries when I put him down today. I must get my papoozle out and free my hands! I miss blogging and need to write, although I should probably be sleeping. I love twitter and everyone’s support and advice. Thank you, especially for all the comments on my last post and offers of help. You all rock.

Last word from the little man:



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13 responses

15 08 2009
Time Management Mum

ooh! Gorgeous! Congratulations on the baby and I'll look forward to reading all about your life as a new mum!Nadine x

15 08 2009

Aww some lovely picture of Piran. It takes a bit of getting used to all this new little person lark,but the joy you get is so worth it… I am sure you are doing a brilliant job…take care of you all.x

15 08 2009
Café Bébé

Well done you…Piran is looking fab and you're doing a wonderful job. Don't you dare think otherwise. Keep up the good work. And your Mr sounds like a dream…keep him as well. ;)Karin at Café Bébé

16 08 2009

Sounds like you are doing really well. Sleep deprivation is hideous, but you'll get through it. The grizzling in the evenings is really common with newborn babies. It's stressful at the time, but they grow out of it fairly quickly. At least he's not doing it at 2 in the morning! If you feel the need to write, then do it. If it makes you feel better, then it's just as useful as a nap. If you are happy, then Piran will be happy too x

17 08 2009

Firstly – He's Gorgeous!! and Piran is a wonderfully unique name! :)Secondly – Snap! With everything!!Even now 4mths on.. I'm a walking zombie! I don't like how there is so much different advice & opinions on everything on there!! I taught myself how to do the bottles by reading a online how-to website!I'm so excited about reading your blog.. and im already looking forward to the next post! Em x 🙂

17 08 2009
Who's the Mummy

Gorgeous and what a lovely name! I love their facial expressions when they're newborn – so weird, aren't they? It seems like you're feeling much stronger now and so long as you haven't dropped him yet you're doing better than I did! take carex

17 08 2009
miss leslieanne

He's so cute 😀 And you're doing brilliantly :)Love those funny little newborn faces too – everything is so new & interesting & they don't quite know what to make of it all 😀

17 08 2009
Mrs OMG Pregnant

OMG so cute. He looks soooo wise too. Its that wrinkly forehead. Love it xx

18 08 2009
Rebel Mother

Aah, he's a little darlin' isnt he?This is all perfectly normal, dont forget your hormones are all over the place and trying to adjust.You are doing a great job and little man is cutie-pie!Keep up the good workRMxx

18 08 2009

Aww, he's lovely. It sound like you're all doing really well x

19 08 2009
Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

Sounds as if you are doing just great. Sleep deprivation is a total killer, you can see why they use it as a form of torture. I found myself saying/wailing to Dave, 'I'd be alright if I could just get 3 hours'. Who was I kidding? 3 hours? Now it is back to needing a good 8. You have a very cute little boy there. Keep on taking those photos. xxxps – just thought, have you reread some of Metropolitan Mums first posts?

19 08 2009
Laura McIntyre

Your little man is so adorable.I just love reading your blog, it seems so long ago my first was born (she just turned 4) and your words just take me back . Before you know it you will all be settled in a nice routine and boy will be getting bigger and bigger

19 08 2009
Perfectly Happy Mum

You sound like you are doing so well! All these emotions you are going through are very normal and it won't be long before you feel much much better. Piran is so lovely and gorgeous! Keep going and keep writing it does help lots 🙂 Take care xx

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