3 08 2009

Piran Ernest Cheesley was born on Saturday 1st August at 5.20pm and
weighed a respectable 10lb 2.

Unfortunately he has been a little poorly so we will be stopping in
hospital for a little while longer. I am keeping positive and all
signs are good but it has been a difficult 48 hours for all involved.
He has had a bad tummy and was not allowed to eat until today. All
that chatter about breasfeeding I could never have imagined how it
would be to not be allowed to feed him at all. Today he is allowed and
we are both trying to find our way. So far it is hard but we will

I didn't realise how much I had come to value your advice help and
support until I was cut off from my blog, email and twitter. I promise
to be back soon with pictures and words but for now please just keep
us in your thoughts and prayers.

Hope you are all well. Kelly and Squigler.

Oh and he lives up to his name, he is strong and squirmy just like in my tummy!




20 responses

3 08 2009
Coding Mamma (Tasha)

Wow! 10lb 2oz – well done! Sorry he's been poorly, but glad he's on the mend. Good luck with the breastfeeding. I wasn't able to breastfeed Rosemary at first, but we got the hang of it and she kept going until after she was two, so it is definitely possible to do it with a shaky start. Hope you are able to take him home soon. Love to you all. Tasha

3 08 2009
Mrs OMG Pregnant

Hello! I've missed you! I've had a poo day but hearing you're all okay – well okayish – has made me smile. I hope your little man is okay. Big big hugs to you. Piran is such an usual name, (but not one of those weird ones!), and weren't we reading somewhere that Ernest was a top gangster name or something! Anyway, lovely.I finally managed to post that book and some bits to you today … better late than never eh! I hope you're all doing okay. You're in my thoughts …. Keep us posted, Claire xxps. I keep thinking that the bean will be really late too, as we have all that other stuff in common I feel certain I'll be late too. I'm hoping mines only 6lb or so though 🙂 xxxxx

3 08 2009

wow 10lb 2! thats a whopper! congratulations on his birth and i hope he gets better soon and you can all come home and be a family.Take care amy xxxxxxxxxx

3 08 2009

Oh I am SO glad he is here. I hope his tummy trouble is easily overcome.K xxx

3 08 2009
New Mummy

Congratulations hun, 10lb 2oz I thought BG was big! Sending you all love and hugscarol xx

3 08 2009

Oh love, I'm so sorry Piran is not well. Presley was in the SCBU for a few days so I know what it's like. You've had your baby, but you can't get at him. Fingers crossed you'll soon have him home. If you need help breastfeeding keep asking until you get it.I love the name and can't wait to see a photo of your big little man. Thinking of you,Sandy xxx

4 08 2009

Squigler is in my prayers!Congrats and best of luck to the both of you!

4 08 2009

Many congratulations love, and best of luck while he's in the hospital (and when he comes home of course!). Well done x

4 08 2009

Congratulations!! 10lb 2!!! Well done :)Hope Piran gets better soon & you get to go home soonFlugl x

4 08 2009

Congratulations! These early days are such an emotional rollercoaster, and for him to be poorly makes it much worse. Hope you are coping OK. My middle one had a chest infection when he was tiny and was hospitalised so I couldn't feed him. I persevered and it all turned out OK in the end, so if you have any questions, just ask. Well done for getting through labour, now you can relax and enjoy him!

4 08 2009
The wife of bold

Hi Kelly Congratulations!!!! What a whopper and such a lovely name, i hope he's on the mend very soon i'm sure he will be. Well done to all of you and your both in my thoughts, hope you get to take him home very soon and i can't wait to see a pic x x x

4 08 2009
Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

Hello Squigler – welcome to the world. Just you concentrate on sorting out that tummy of yours.10lb 2!!!! Cricky moses. Big congratulations, hope that all is looking up on the hospital front and that the feeding is going well. Love to you allEmily and the rest of the Brits xx

4 08 2009

Congratulations on your little fella, 10.2 – crikey, bet that stang a bit. Well done on just expierencing one of the most amazing, enpowering, frightenting, crazy, mind bending times in your life! Hope he is on the mend x

4 08 2009

Congratulations! Really hope Piran will be all well really soon and you can fully enjoy him – at home!

5 08 2009

Wow! Congratulations to you both and sorry to hear that he's been poorly but good to hear that you can start to get on with feeding and enjoying him. 10lbs 2oz – jaysus! Take care x

5 08 2009
Laura McIntyre

Congrats ,im so happy to hear baby is here and what a great size.Sorry he has not been to well , my first had problems we were not expecting and spent the first 4 weeks in hospital. I hope you manage to establish breastfeeding and are all home asap

6 08 2009
Perfectly Happy Mum

OH MY GOD!!! Welcome to the world Pieran!! Hope all is well now and that the 2 of you are enjoying those precious early days together. Lots of love to all of you and can't wait to hear all about the details. Pxx

6 08 2009

OMG, I missed it! Congrats on finally bringing Squiggler aka Piran into the world! Now I'm going back to read the entire post (I only saw the first sentence).So happy for you, dear. 🙂

6 08 2009
English Mum

Congratulations! Big huge e-hugs to you and little soft kisses for Piran too xxxx

10 08 2009

Congratulations!!One of mine was in NICU for a little while and I know how horrid it is being separated. Glad to hear that you're home now. Enjoy!

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