41 weeks pregnant

25 07 2009

Oh, this baby is doing a number on me this week. He doesn’t want to come out at all! These WILL be the final pictures however so I thought I would brave leggings and a vest top and record what I actually look like without being camouflaged by clothes! I think I look like a lumpy mime artist!

That bump is HEAVY! Thought I would take the picture somewhere different for a change! Then I decided to be silly!

I give you Pregnant Ladybird:

He he he, I am going to be one of those EMBARRASSING parents! Cannot wait! I wish I had a Tutu though, that would have been very funny.

Anyway, the past week has been ups and downs. Squigler went quiet for a couple of days so we went to the hospital to check him. At which point he started jumping around, typical. He was fine though. Went to the midwife who tried to give me a sweep but it didn’t work very well. I had a bug on Monday / Tuesday that made me very ill, and get excited that the baby was starting to come but well, it is Saturday so that is how true that was!

I am trying to stay positive but there have been loads of tears this week – last night I lost the plot completely, but no matter what my hormones throw at me it seems that it doesn’t start the baby off at all. We even tried a shock to the system yesterday, we were walking around to Paul’s Mum’s and I tripped. Luckily he was holding my hand and he grabbed me and caught me (I have no idea how!) but I hurt my tummy muscles and was very shaky and upset for a while. But nope, no baby.

I am booked in for an induction at 10am on Tuesday 28th which is the day before my birthday and two days before Paul’s so maybe the baby just wants to have a birthday in a row with ours. He has hung on long enough to be a Leo like his Mum and Dad anyway.

Well I will continue to try and stay busy and hope that he comes soon. My most recent projects:

Will keep you all posted. Thanks for all your lovely comments x


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13 responses

25 07 2009
Mrs OMG Pregnant

Awww what a cute ladybird you make! I dont think you look like a lumpy mine artist at all. The nursery is looking fab too!Another thing we have in common – baby's taking over our birthdays. Im 17th October, Mr the 21st, baby due 23rd…..Hope you're feeling better today, just stay positive, remember every day is a day closer to when you meet the little man xxx

25 07 2009

mToo cute…love the ladybird.Really love the cheeky monkey cushion, and the others too..would look great in my lounge..lolBaby will be here soon and you will be getting lots of lovely cuddles..xx

25 07 2009
Coding Mamma (Tasha)

That is one impressive bump! I thought I was big and uncomfortable; don't know what I'll do if this one is late instead of early! And I'm loving all your projects. I wish I could do things like that. I'm sure he'll be with you soon. You have packed bendy straws, haven't you?

25 07 2009
Surprised and Excited Mum

Ah sweetie.I forgot my shower gel!Actually I ddn't even take my bag because although my waters had broken I was sure I was going to be sent home and had left the last few bits of packing as a distraction for when I was in labour…So, I'm glad you're prepared. Doing the do, broke my waters so get hubby in from the garden.

25 07 2009
Café Bébé

You're lovely and don't think otherwise! And it is a grand bump!Absolutely love the monkey fabric on your first pillow…you should have Soph4Soph use it for a bib for your Squiggler!Keep positive and enjoy the last few days of life as 2…you'll be too busy to know which way is up soon. :)Take care of yourself!Karin

25 07 2009

LOL a the pregnant labybird :-)I love that monkey fabric, where did you get it?Try to get as much rest as you can x

25 07 2009
miss leslieanne

Hang in there honey!*love* the ladybird – atleast you can still smile – by 41 weeks I was pretty much a full time stroppy cow! :Ptoo stroppy to take a photo actually, but here's the end of my set – 40 weeks:http://www.flickr.com/photos/leslieannegirl/3429262776/Oh, and *love* the monkey cushion -if you decide to go into business, let me know! ;PWishing you labour-y thought!! xx

25 07 2009

what a lovely bump! you look so good even as a ladybird, your latest projects are lovely i wish i had time to make some things. Keep smiling he will be here soon and take care of yourself xx

25 07 2009

Love the pillows! Again, I envy your creativity!Fret not, your baby will come in due time!

25 07 2009

fabulous pillows, where do you get the energy from? Hope labour kicks in before Tuesday, first babies are notoriously late! (I went 15 days over). Lovely bump too!Oh and the tears and all, I was just the same towards the end, so tired, so worried, so can empathise!

26 07 2009
Millennium Housewife

A long walk and an entire pineapple – worked both times for me!Just over to say thankyou so much for following my blog, I'm really flattered. Looking forward to seeing photos of the little one – if he ever decides to come out…Good Luck!

26 07 2009

Oooh would love you to make me some cushions, you're so talented! Your bump is lovely xx

27 07 2009

Wish you all the best with your delivery! 3 of my four were induced. When they give you the injection, just relax and go with the flow, lots of deep breathing. And I congratulate you on your decision to breastfeed. Remember it is a skill you have to learn, it's not instinctive as such. You'll never look back once you get the hang of it. All my best wishes and prayers!

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