Well, I am honoured.

19 07 2009

Look, another award. I am feeling quite special right now. Thanks to the fabulous Dulwich Divorcee for this unexpected honour.

I have to list 10 facts about me and then pass the award on to 7 other blogs. The power may go to my head people. But first, my favourite subject, moi!

1. When I was 5 I got a scented rubber (strawberry) stuck up my nostril and my Mum had to come and collect me from school and take me to the hospital to have it extracted. I thought this was jolly good fun, and there was the added bonus of a lollipop from the doctor for being a good girl.

2. I cannot sing to save my life but really wish I could.

3. I love being very silly but mainly in the privacy of my own home. My comic dancing is second to none I tell you.

4. I feel like Queen of the World every time I make my husband laugh.

5. No one I know will play Monopoly with me because I “take it too seriously”. I just like to follow the rules, play right to the end, oh and WIN. What is wrong with that?

6. I love to walk barefoot on the grass.

7. I miss living in Cornwall so much and would love to find a way to move back before Squigler is due to start school (a way off yet but I know how time flies).

8. Mr C is my best friend in the whole wide world.

9. My Mum is my hero.

10. If I had to pick between giving up books or tv for the rest of my life I would switch off the box without a moment’s thought. I love books SO MUCH.

So, the 7 blogs that I am awarding this one to are (I know some of you, possibly all have had this already but I feel like giving it to you, so there!):

Being a Mummy

OMG We’re Pregnant


Baby Baby

All grown up…still feeling like a kid

Who’s the Mummy?


Vote For Us @ PoshLittle.Com



10 responses

20 07 2009

Thank you! I to would chuck out the TV with ease….but you can't prize my library card from my cold, dead hands! Mwahahaha!

20 07 2009

Thank you! I cant wait to write all about myself for a change (smirk!)The rubber did make me laugh- do they still sell smelly rubbers? The smell of our youth eh, I wonder what sort of noxious chemicals they contained?

20 07 2009

Congratulations on the award and thanks for passing it on to me :-)I love your number 4!

20 07 2009

well done you! I've tagged you over at mine to keep you busy whilst waiting for your lovely baby xxx

21 07 2009
Mrs OMG Pregnant

Thank you :0)2 – me too!3 – me too!5 – ha ha, how funny!6 – me too!7 – me too … Im heading down there soon I hope to visit the family :)8 – lovely10 – me too!Just thought I'd add my two pennies worth 🙂 xx

21 07 2009

I too could switch off the TV forever! Love books!! Congrats on the award by the way.

22 07 2009
Coding Mamma (Tasha)

1. I got a piece of foam from the sofa stuck up my nose, when I was 3. And I have fond memories of scented rubbers. Can smell them now!2. Me too.5. I will play with you. I also take it a bit too seriously. If you were to talk to my old flatmates from uni they would tell you horror stories about my tantrums over Monopoly. 10. I could not give up books. Going blind is one of my strongest fears, predominantly because of the inability to read. Audio books are really not the same.

22 07 2009
Millennium Housewife

Oh please come and play monololy with me, I take it seriously too and I always win. I steal from the bank.

22 07 2009
A Confused Take That Fan

How funny. A boy at my school got a piece of grape scented rubber stuck up his nose! It was all my fault. I wouldn't let him sniff my whole rubber so broke a bit off to smell. See I am a terrible person!! Thanks so much for popping over to mine x

22 07 2009
The wife of bold

Hey,I love the list and i agree books or TV? – nooo contest!! P.s Any signs? Hahahahaha so sorry for that one but it used to drive me nuts everytime someone asked (usually my mum every five minutes) – so annoying x xGood luck x

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