Baby project number 4

16 07 2009

If I had a brain I would have taken a ‘before’ picture of this one! But I didn’t. Someone have me this blanket box years ago and it has moved from house to house until finally being used to store garden stuff and wellington boots in our conservatory for the last two years! So I cleaned it out, bought the fabric and after many problems obtained a piece of foam for the top. I repainted and then covered the foam and stuck it to the top.

It will now live in our front room and will be filled with baby related bits and pieces in a vague attempt to clear up occasionally. Plus, it doubles up as a seat and is much better to sit on than the half filled bean bag cubes we had there before!

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8 responses

16 07 2009

lovely, want to make one for me?

16 07 2009

If you're taking orders, sign me up for one!

16 07 2009

if you have a sicky baby like mine was,it's very useful to have a supply of vests, babygrows, bibs etc (as well as nappies, cotton wool etc) in your downstairs rooms to save a big trek (esp when you are sleeping in shifts and don't want to wake the other one up!!). We used our toy box way before baby was old enough for toys. It will prove very useful 🙂

16 07 2009

It looks lovely, would love you will find it really useful for all those baby bits.

16 07 2009
More 4 Mums

What a good idea! Perfect for stashing all the baby changing things so you don't need to keep going upstairs.

16 07 2009

It's fab and will be sooo handy once Squigler arrives. It looks like a piece of proper furniture too, not a primary colour in sight!

17 07 2009

Another great idea!!!!!!!

18 07 2009

You're so creative, love it! x

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