Keeping Busy

14 07 2009

4 days until Squigler is due. You know, I cannot even think about it. I just need to stay busy.

So a couple weeks ago in a fit of moping I hit the internet and ordered, among other things, this book:

It really is a very nice book. Good to read, beautifully illustrated and many different types of project from sewing and knitting to painting and renovating and cooking.

So I have been putting it to good use. So far I have made:

A cushion cover:

An apron as a present for my Mum out of tea towels from Adsa! Cost all of £2. The pocket is wonky and it is very “homemade” but I plan on embroidering the top with the word “Grandma” and then giving it to her as a present when Squigler is born and she comes up from Cornwall to stay for a while.

Knitted iPod covers. I made the plain one for me and then Mr C wanted one so I made him the stripey one.

So, that was the last three days. Still no baby so I am off to make more cushion covers I think! I am working on Baby project number 4 but I am still waiting for DHL to deliver the piece of foam I have been waiting for for over a week which they have promised will be delivered today. We will see. I really hope so as I really want to get on with it.




8 responses

14 07 2009

Wow look at all your wares – you clever thing.

14 07 2009

Wow, you have been busy. I love the cushion fabric! x

14 07 2009
Mrs OMG Pregnant

Check you out! Again! I am going to get me that book!xxxx

14 07 2009

at least you know how to knit & sew … I wouldn't have any clue how 2 entertain myself if I were to find myself with absolutely nothing to do!

15 07 2009
dulwich divorcee

Oooh, love the little knitted iPhone socky. You could sell those, you know, and make Squigler a millionaire baby. Award over chez moi btw

16 07 2009
Mrs OMG Pregnant

My books has been dispatched…. says Amazon!

16 07 2009

Love the stripy ipod cover! I also spent the days running up to my first one's due date (and the 10days after)making cushion covers etc. The nation's living rooms must be furnished with projects created by women waiting for due dates.

16 07 2009

I love the apron, such a personal present, love it! x

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