Almost Wordless Wednesday (Yesterday in pictures)

8 07 2009

Photo frame came in post so I could frame this picture of me and my little brother. Check out my ‘Baked Bean’ haircut and serious expression.

Surprise gift received in post from parents of my first serious boyfriend. We have stayed in touch over the past 8 years since we split up and they sent me this. A few tears were shed.

Also in post, pretty fabric. Turquoise is for next baby project, will make a cushion out of the other piece as it is a remnant.

Mr C had been allowed to pick a recipe out of this book for me to make him as a treat. So off I went to cook.

Those in the world of Twitter may already have seen what happened next. I was so gutted.

So I popped out and did a little retail therapy. To replace mine that started working of own accord last week and smoke came out of the pedal.

Further supplies for ongoing baby projects.

Finally, I couldn’t sleep due to back pain so continued with my knitting. I am so close now.

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7 responses

8 07 2009
Coding Mamma (Tasha)

I am so impressed with all your baby products! This is why they invented maternity leave (well, plenty of other reasons too, of course) and I am now feeling envious of not having any. If you like pretty fabric, you should check out my aunt's company – she sells lots of beautiful discounted furniture fabrics. Gorgeous stuff.

8 07 2009

thanks for your comment on my post, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself last night :-), things looking up a bit today, and my toddler is in an easy-going mood so far today. Thank you xVery sweet present from your first love's parents, I would have boo-ed my eyes out!

8 07 2009

Those photos are so sweet, LOVE the pregnant lady from your ex in-laws(ish)!Poor you, what a shame about the cakes! x

8 07 2009
Jessica and Michael

I swear, I wish I knew how to sew! Home Ec. was never good to me 🙂

8 07 2009

Lovely present of the willow tree figure, when I had my little boy a friend sent us one called 'New Life', they are so lovely…I would have bawled my eyes out…especially after the cake incident.x

9 07 2009

I love the Willow Tree figures but still haven't got one of my own! x

11 07 2009
Mrs OMG Pregnant

How lovely of the ex's parents. Lovely. I want a sewing machine. I am desperate for one. Mr says we shouldnt buy new stuff to clutter the apartment when we are getting ready to move BUT I am desperate for one!

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