Week 4 of Maternity Leave (36 weeks)

1 07 2009

Your view:

My view:

Ah ha! I remembered the photos this week. I stuck the top one on Facebook yesterday and all of my lovely friends have been leaving comments like “wow, you are huge”. SO LOVELY!

Anyway, what did I do last week?

Monday: Got up, went to Tesco and bought some food as my Dad’s sisters had called me the night before to tell me that they wanted to pop in and say hi. So I got back, tidied the house and was unsurprisingly exhausted by the time that they were due to turn up at 11.30. Luckily they were 45 minutes late so I had time to recover a little. They stayed for a couple of hours and we sat in the garden and drank tea, ate cake and talked mainly about babies. Then they left and I went off to yoga which was okay, but I am not really enjoying it as much as I hoped I would. Had to watch my DVD on breastfeeding in the evening in preparation for the next day. It was interesting but annoyed me a bit. I know that breast is best. What I want to know is what I can do if I am struggling with it.

Tuesday: Went into Brighton for breakfast at Girlie # 2’s house. Had a gossip and a catch up and sausage sandwiches and juice and then came home to meet Mr C as we had our one and only antenatal class in the afternoon. It was an experience I can tell you. It is three hours long and dealt with the topics of labour, pain relief and a short bit in breastfeeding. There were 7 women and 5 of us had bought our partners. It was quite awkward, I felt okay because it was my midwife running the session so I knew her. We had to do the talk to your neighbour and then introduce them bit. It was like being at school or a work training course really! Cringeworthy. I won’t go into the details but it turned out I seemed to be the most prepared and well read person there. I can honestly say that I didn’t actually learn very much that I didn’t know but I have my pathological need for control and as you cannot control labour I have just read everything that I can get my hands on! Funniest moment for me was when the midwife said that we were welcome to take the placenta home so we could cook and eat it. I thought Mr C would actually pass out!

It is so annoying the way that they run these sessions though. One three hour session, there was so much more that they could have covered, that I would have liked to know more about, like how you feel after the birth, how long it takes to recover, what is normal, what could be signs of PND (I have had trouble with depression in the past so I am concerned about this). Also, we were shy and if it was a course, not just one session I would be more inclined to talk to the other couples and perhaps even make a new friend or two. My final complaint about the whole thing is linked to the breastfeeding issue. I read this very interesting post this week and feel that this ties in really. If there was greater support both before and after birth with regards to breastfeeding then perhaps more people would manage to still be breastfeeding after a couple of weeks. I have been given a DVD, shown how to breastfeed using a teddy (someone bought a toy dog, the mind boggles!) and will have advice straight after the birth and for the couple of home visits in the 10 days after the birth but after that I am on my own. The nearest NHS clinic is 30 minutes away once a week. So I just feel that the support could be much better and that would help with breastfeeding rates.

Wednesday: Stayed home and defrosted the freezer. The excitement never stops I tell you!

Thursday: Went to town and ran errands in the morning and saw the midwife. Squigler is still on the right hand side but everything else is all fine. Cleared the fridge and cooked up a storm to fill the freezer full of food so we have meals for after the baby is born. Yummy.

Friday: Went into town and met a friend for Pancakes and Tea and cuddles of her 6 month old baby boy. More cooking and the like in the afternoon.

Saturday: Oh it is so hot. In a crappy mood this morning so spent time sorting Mr C’s seed collection in the garden under the umbrella with my feet in a bowl of cold water. This cheered me up. Then Girlie #1 came for a visit and Mouldy popped over and we had a lovely time in the garden in the sun eating fruit and scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream and cups of tea. Bliss.

Sunday: Lovely lady popped in for a drink and a chat early in the morning and we compared pregnancy notes. She is 3 months behind me so nearly 6 months and starting to really feel it now (I just kept thinking Oh. You. Wait. It gets worse!!!) In the afternoon we went for lunch in a pub with some of Mr C’s relatives (the first time I had met them!) but Squigler was not impressed with me sitting down so I kept having to get up and walk about. It was too hot as well. The sign of the week to come!




9 responses

3 07 2009
Mrs OMG Pregnant

Oooh did get me started on the whole breast feeding thing!LOL to Wednesday ….And I must say you are a very busy bee! Not long now (I think I keep saying that to you… sorry!) xx

3 07 2009

OOOH! Look at that bump! You're almost ready to POP! Good luck!Interesting week … as for me other than meeting "Blue Eyes" (see my blog), nothing interesting has happened …

3 07 2009

Two things:1. Breast feeding: NCT run a help line and often drop in sessions. LLL can be a little 'gung ho' but uften run drop ins etc in local area. Online buddies and starangers can't quite replace the old style community of women but they can provide you with moral support, ideas, experience and jokes. If in doubt, send it out into the world and see what comes back to you.2. I am soooo jealous of your bump – can't wait to be pregnant again (even though will spend last few weeks wishing I was never pregnant in the first place)

3 07 2009

Hey, are you really thinking of naming your baby "Squigler"? Or is this just a cutesy blog thing?

4 07 2009

ou look fantastic. Not long to go now!!

4 07 2009

I love the photos, you look gorgeous!My advice on the breastfeeding is try to get someone (who knows what they're on about) to sit with you and help you. Tell them politely but firmly that you can not learn if they put your nipple in the baby's mouth. I'm sorry, but this happens far too often!I'm not an expert (everyone has different experiences), but if you have any questions or want to chat about what it's like after the baby has been born please let me know sandycalico at ymail dot com x

7 07 2009
Metropolitan Mum

I linked to this post. Your belly is just too inspiring :-)http://www.metropolitanmum.co.uk/2009/07/three-months-and-counting/#more-299

9 07 2009

I love your bump, it's such a nice shape!! xx

12 01 2010

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