Week 3 of Maternity Leave (35 weeks)

26 06 2009

My head! It is so much bigger than Mr C’s! Can you believe we went away for 3 days and this is the the only photo taken with me in it? Typical. So no bump pictures for this week either. Dear me!

Really, I have to start writing these posts on Monday, not waiting until the end of the next week. My brain just cannot cope with remembering. Excuse me one moment while I check my organiser……ah yes!

Monday: Mr C is on holiday. Very exciting! This morning I have a surprise planned but can you believe it, it gets to 9am and he hasn’t even woken up yet and we need to leave at 10. Typical. He never sleeps this late! So I wake him up and tell him we are off to Brighton for a surprise. Which is a de-stress massage. Ah the irony. I stressed him out waking him up to go and get de-stressed. Afterwards we had a cream tea with real Cornish Clotted Cream in a new shop in Brighton. The cream was good, I wasn’t that impressed with the scones. Afterwards we came home and chilled out.

Tuesday: Officially our Day Of Doing Nothing. We pottered around the house together and it was nice. As the title suggests, we did very little.

Wednesday: Off to Bournemouth. Got there, went for a walk then had Harry Ramsden’s fish and chips. We checked into our hotel which was an Art Deco hotel that had just been renovated and was very nice. I was hoping for nice weather so we could swim in the outdoor pool but it was very windy, then cloudy, then raining sideways. Instead we sat in the bar and played cards which was very nice indeed. I won. We had a nap and dinner in the hotel.

Thursday: Up early for breakfast and then walked along the beach. We went on a boat trip for a hour and then walked into town and ate sandwiches in the park. The weather was windy again so we walked back along the beach and went to the hotel for drinks, cards and a very lovely nap. Had a swim in the indoor pool and then I allowed myself one delicious cocktail (Mohito!) and we had a very nice dinner.

Friday: I had an awful night’s sleep because of the Hidradenitis flare up. I blogged about it here so I won’t go on about that! We came home via the new Ikea in Southampton and I bought the rest of the bits for Squigler’s room, as well as some other bits and bobs. Luckily it all fit in the car, and after filling ourselves with hotdogs and fizzy pop we drove home. The afternoon was taken up by me in pain, complaining and poor old Mr C trying to make me feel better running me baths and taking care of me. He is a star.

Saturday: I am sure we did something but I am entirely unable to tell you what! I think Mr C did some DIY and I loafed about, not sitting on my bottom!

Sunday: The inlaws came for lunch as it was father’s day. Squigler had bought Mr C a card and present and I sent my Dad text messages as it turned out he was on holiday in Portugal, thanks for the heads up Dad!

Pregnancy wise, I just suffered mainly with the swollen hands and feet, the incredible tiredness and the difficulty of dealing with my Hidradenitis. Time is flying past now, cannot wait to meet Squigler and see what he looks like. And to get the foot that is currently jammed in my rib out so I can kiss it instead.




One response

4 07 2009

Hmmm I love cream teas!! Sounds like you had a great week. I wish my hubby would have a week off! x

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