Week 1 of Maternity Leave (33 weeks)

7 06 2009

Lordy! Look at the size of that.

Well this was the first week of my maternity leave. Very odd not going to work but the week ended up being seriously busy so I hardly noticed to be honest.

Monday: Started the week with the most amazing pregnancy massage at The Treatment Rooms in Brighton, a treat from me to me to celebrate not having to go to work. Then did a bit of shopping and met Girlie #2 for lunch which was nice. By the time I got home it was 3pm and I was shattered. Thought I would have a quick nap, woke up a hour and a half later! Then Mr C was home.

Tuesday: Sadly, my brother in law’s father passed away a couple weeks ago so my sister was staying with her in-laws in Portsmouth so she decided to bring the kids over to stay with us for a day and a bit, at the last minute. So Tuesday morning saw me running about making space for them, cleaning and getting some food in. It was so hot which didn’t help. Chloe (8 mths) had conjunctivitis, so we spent the afternoon getting her seen by the doctor and playing in the garden. Ben, who is 5, is a sweetheart and I do not get to see them enough so it was lovely to play with them for the day. Mr C came home and we had a lovely dinner.

Wednesday: My sister stayed until about 2, we played with the kids, watched cartoons and had lunch. She went off and I rested for the afternoon. I was exhausted!!!

Thursday: Pointless trip to the dentist, grabbed some bits in town, then went and had lunch with Lovely Lady. She is 20 weeks pregnant and looks really well. Now I have finished work I will miss our lunches but soon we will both be off work with little babies. I am so glad I know someone in the same boat, even if she is 3 months behind me!

Friday: I drove to Portsmouth to babysit for Chloe and Ben while everyone was at the funeral. Bit scared, first time I have ever been left in charge but we managed, I fed all three of us and even changed a pooey nappy so I was pleased with myself (even if I made a bit of a pigs ear of it, I tried!). When they went to the wake I disappeared and stopped off in Chichester where I managed to buy some maternity shorts which will be a god send if this weather keeps up! Got home about 4pm utterly shattered.

This weekend has been spent with Mr C doing bits and pieces around the house. I have developed very painful hands and knuckles which is making life really difficult for me to be honest. Hurts to type :o( also, difficult to grip knife and fork so eating is a bit of a pain too. Looked it up on the internet and it seems it is all to do with water retention in my joints. Have sent an emergency email to my homeopath to see what she suggests, hope there is something because when I wake up I cannot move my fingers much at all and had to drink my tea using my hands like paws!

Beeper has just gone, dinner is ready so I am off!!!




2 responses

7 06 2009
Mrs OMG Pregnant

Aww you look huge but your skinny mini legs don't! I'm suprised you haven't toppled over trying to balance. Seriously, your legs are soooo diddy!!!How was Chichester? Where did you get the shorts from? I work in Chichester, right in the town centre!How's your joints now? xx

8 06 2009

Chichester was good – I went to H&M as you recommended. I could have spent a fortune but was relatively good. There is not much point buying more clothes as I am getting on now but I did want shorts, which I now have. I also managed to pick up some cheap breastfeeding tops which was good.Chichester seemed nice, I was tired and didn't see a lot other than a couple shops and Starbucks but will go back at some point.Hands are painful but I seem to be able to type which is good. Eating is really difficult though.

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