Ow, ow, 31 weeks today, ow ow ow

16 05 2009

I have woken up with toothache. not good. I have the pathological fear of the dentist plus being pregnant means no xrays and stuff so how will they know what is wrong? Didn’t want to take painkillers but had to have some paracetamol after a couple hours because like OW.

Been planning a nice blog post for the past few days but think that it will have to wait until I feel better. Just online because we have ordered the furniture for the nursery from Ikea today. Will finally have somewhere to put all of the things I have bought. The bed in our spare room has what I now call “baby mountain” on it – everything we have for the baby. One problem with that is my Dad and Stepmum are coming to stay next weekend and I need that room for them so we will have to get on with clearing up this week.

31 weeks, only 9 to go. I am desperate to meet Squigler but there is a lot to get ready still. Still bouncing between excitement and panic at the moment.

Right, going to demand TLC and cups of tea from Mr C now ;o)




2 responses

18 05 2009

Bummer about the toothache! But so cool that you’re starting to pull it all together! I can’t wait to see the baby’s room. 🙂 Glad you’re back and blogging a bit more. I’m trying really hard to do the same.

20 05 2009
OMG Pregnant

Hola, an award over at mine for you: http://omgip.blogspot.com – hope all is well xx

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