Happy Easter

12 04 2009

I cannot believe that we are almost half way through April already! Or that I am 26 weeks pregnant, although the evidence of that is getting harder and harder to ignore!

Other things:

1. My ability to scoff chocolate is astounding.. I am glad that the Easter Eggs will no longer be in the shops as I will have to stop buyin them for myself and eating a whole egg in seconds flat.

2. The purchase of an ipod touch will be the mini death of my blog again. I never turn the laptop on anymore so I have not been blogging. Typing on the touch screen is okay for email but blogging is another matter.

3. In a few weeks we will be parents. Meep!

4. This afternoon I am meant to be meeting Mouldy for coffee with City Girl but it is Easter Sunday, I have a funny feeling everything will be closed.

5. I have written this, drunk my tea and I think I will now go back to sleep. Holiday weekends are the best.

6. Pregnancy notes: constant heartburn, or feeling sick, backache. Lumbering around already, I think I was graceful once. People keep saying “Christ” when I walk up to them at their desk and the bump comes into view first and “You look well” in a suprised tone of voice. What do they expect? Me sobbing in a corner???




One response

17 04 2009

26 weeks already? It feels like it was just yesterday you announced having a niblet on the way. Glad to hear you’re doing well (aside from the heartburn). I always said, “I will NOT waddle when I am pregnant.” I SO did. LOL You’ll love it when you hit that point.

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