Week 13

10 01 2009

The day that we were meant to go on honeymoon comes and goes and we have to start hiding out! Mr C bans me from writing anything on Facebook and we have a bit of an odd moment with G#1 on the telephone. Anyway off we go to London on Tuesday. We have lied to G#1 and City Girl telling them that we are visiting London for a day and then we are off to Cuba at the end of the week. So we turn up to see them and Aish is there as well, which is a complete bonus.

There is much screaming, jumping around and all of that, which is lovely actually and then we all go out for a nice dinner. Mr C and I spend the next few days sight seeing and having a nice time. I get tired very easily though and cannot do as much as I would like. The tiredness hits me like a brick round about 3 each day.

We come home and decide to paint our bedroom which has taken up the last couple of days but it is nice and we love the way it looks. Next week we are going for a nice 2 night break in the Cotswolds and then we have the scan. If all goes well I will publish all of these posts and it can then be common knowledge.




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