Week 12

3 01 2009

Wow, I just think that it is so amazing that we have made it this far. Part of me is still scared that things will go wrong but the signs are good so far. We have had the company of Dippy Mum and the StepDemon all week but they have been really nice to have around for a change (usually it wears a little thin after a while!). Plus they have been here a whole week and we were sorry to see them go today.

I have been relatively well for a week! Apart from the nausea every night (it comes on in the evening and makes it hard to sleep each night). My hidradenitis has flared again and I have a very painful lesion on where the top of my leg meets my groin. Bloody painful. So much for the whole hormone theory and my hope that being pregnant would give me some relief.

I try and get out a bit, to go for the odd walk but I get tired so easily and I really am happy being indoors reading and chilling out, especially as it is rarely getting above freezing most days.

We have G#2 and her other half over for a New Years Eve dinner and tell them about the baby. All very exciting and at least we do not have to lie about going away on honeymoon. They are very happy for us which is lovely.




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