Week 6

23 12 2008

We were planning on waiting to tell Mr C’s parents and sister for a while. Then his sister goes and gets Chicken Pox and all hell breaks loose. She is so ill she is admitted to hospital. Poor thing. Mr C has never had it so is staying away and although I have had it I don’t want to take any risks with the baby. They are really happy for us (his Mum had been making hints at the dinner table a couple weeks before) but it is all a bit swept up by the fact Miss C is in hospital. His Dad swears blind that he knew (I think that is because we went round for dinner the evening that the doctor said it might have been eptopic and I just vacantly stared into space and refused to have any pudding – a sure sign that something is wrong).

Other than that I am just dealing with the fact that I appear to be completely constipated all of the time (I am going on average 2 times a week) and that I feel so tired that I could just fall asleep at my desk at work. So tired all of the time, I am in bed at 9 at the latest every night. Oh and my boobs? Ow. They are suddenly very heavy and tender all of the time. Getting comfortable at night is really hard and did Mr C always roll over and squish my boobs so much?

Then towards the end of the week the constant queasiness starts and I think I am losing my mind! Mind you, no hidradenitis.




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