Week 1

18 12 2008

Hmm I am writing this at the beginning of week 10 so it is hard to remember back this far. I had just had my operation on my neck and the addition of my period was a painful and annoying thing. I was keen to start thinking about trying for a baby again but I with the stitches in my neck and the period pain it wasn’t looking hopeful any time soon. I had even stopped taking my pre pregnancy vitamins as I didn’t have the enthusiasm I guess. Mainly I was gutted that in my eyes we had lost a month because I had had to stop prior to the wedding because of the operation and general anesthetic and when I did think about trying again it was in a vague way. Ever since Mr C and I realised this relationship was serious we had talked about children but after he proposed we decided to try and do this the old fashioned way and get married before getting pregnant. But as the months ticked by I was finding this harder and harder, I didn’t want to wait anymore. My sister was pregnant with her second kid and I didn’t want to wait anymore. Sez had her baby the day I had my operation (she was 8 days from her due date on my wedding day). Chloe Ann came in at a whopping 10 pounds 11 ounces. I try not to think about that too much.




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