28 10 2008

Officially I have had enough today.
I am so bored of the petty, small minded rubbish that fills my days at work. I want so much to write about it here but I won’t because I am not that silly. But, oh I could rant I tell you.
I have taken to growling out loud. It unnerves people and
Instead, I think I should write about something nicer. Not sure what though. Hmmm, I could tell you the story about how I won a chocolate bar yesterday.
So Mr C and I were laying in bed last night watching TV and I was in a bit of a silly mood. So I was messing about talking back to the adverts and generally trying to make him laugh. Then an advert for Vanish came on.
Voiceover on Vanish advert: The worst time you can find a stain is when you are halfway through doing the ironing.
Me: OH NO. Not a STAIN. But I am halfway through the ironing, this is an utter DISASTER, end of the WORLD. Whatever shall we do Mr C. We have found a stain and we are HALFWAY through the ironing. It is the end of life as we know it.
Mr C: Gets a funny look on his face, then does the expression that I know means he is going to say something but thinks better of it.
Me: What?
Mr C: Nothing.
Me: Bet I know.
Mr C: No you don’t. If you do I promise to buy you a Wispa bar at work tomorrow.
Me: You were thinking that it would never happen to me as I never iron.
Mr C: Silence…. Bugger.
Me: I won a Wispa, I won a Wispa.
Mr C: ?
Me: My mind reading powers rock now that we are married.




One response

28 10 2008

That is SO something Mr. Clean would say to me. I love it!Wispa bar? You’ll have to explain that one. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it. :)p.s. word verification on this one was “poornie” Hahahahahaha!

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