Head down

31 08 2008

The good news is that GF came back in one piece last night, at about 1 am so I was actually just dozing when he came in. He was very pickled though bless him, and he is green this morning. He is currently upstairs not being very well if you understand my meaning! Bless, that’ll teach him to go drinking all day.

He went out with £100 though and came back with £150. Lucky sod. Seems that there was a trip to a casino somewhere on the way. Bet I don’t come back from my hen do with more money than I started out with.

Still that is two weeks away and I have a more pressing job today, to design and finish our order of service for the wedding.




2 responses

2 09 2008

Order of service? Is that designing the tables/linens or the food as well? Or something completely different than what I’m guessing? LOL Just two weeks? Wow. It’s gone by so fast!!

2 09 2008

It is actually the details of the church service in a little handy pamphlet thingy that tells everyone the order that things happen and who is doing what and the words of the hymns as well!

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