Write damn you, WRITE

28 08 2008


Sorry, meant to be back much quicker than this but I blinked and then all of a sudden, a whole week has gone past. What’s that? 2 weeks? Flippin’ heck. I swear this wedding thing is melting my mind. I noticed when driving home on Monday that the hay in the fields has been cut and baled and that means that it is the end of the Summer, and I realised I was not even aware that the Summer had begun! The weather did not really give much of a clue this year, let’s be honest, we have had cloudy grey days for the last month. The last time I remember being in the sun was the 26th July, a month ago. That is just silly. I feel that my life is like a roundabout that is spinning crazily around so fast that you cannot see the details, just the blurred outline, and you know that you want to stick your hand in and grab it but oh it is scary and you know if you are not very careful you will just grab for a couple of seconds before you are catapluted off again.

I am getting there though. 4 weeks tomorrow I will be Mrs C. Should I stay as Dancinfairy or will it be time to change? Hmmm, perhaps that could be an excuse to get myself a new shiny blog. Not sure why I feel I want one. Perhaps because my last one I loved and I was very unhappy when I had to move away, even though I had no one to blame but myself (well, perhaps it was the Cornish Mead that I had drunk as well) and this one, I just never seemed to settle in to.

I know, perhaps it is time for a bit of a revamp. You know, open all the windows, let the air blow away the cobwebs, paint the walls a funky colour and add a new pair of curtains and a couple of throw cushions and Bob’s your uncle..good as new. Not such a bad idea actually, I am glad that I thought of it. I wish I was big and clever and could do more with it but let’s start small and see where we get.

Sorry, time for lunch. I may be back later, I have lots more to say.




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